Wild Tough Mudder 2013 Team | Race Recap!

Congratulations to the first survivors of Ten Weeks to Tough Mudder and also Wisconsin Tough Mudder 2013 Finishers!

This was our first year of Tough Mudder training and it was so much fun! We had 9 Wild members and 2 coaches participate in the training and both coaches ran with 7 of the Wild members in the Wisconsin Tough Mudder.  Training was held in various parks all over Bay View so the team could enjoy hills, sand, playgrounds, and even fences!

When the big day rolled around everyone got checked in and emotions were all over the place.  We had nervousness, excitement, fear, happiness, but when the start time came the whole team was so pumped it was incredible!  We started running at 8:20am with sunshine and ran through rain, thunder, and lightning and finished with the sun again, just in time to harden the mud to our smiling faces.  The whole team performed so well! They not only overcame individual fears but also did an excellent job motivating and helping each other.  Lee Woosypiti is such an excelling endurance athlete he could have ran that course 10 times, but instead he used his extra energy to motivate and cheer on his teammates.  His wife, Ashly Woosypiti, also stayed so positive throughout the event and really helped the whole team finish.

The end of the race finished with some rough shocks, and carrying Corey Churchill to the finish after a hard fall face first into the mud, but Corey smiled across the finish line to get her orange head band.  Everyone finished the course and even with the bumps, bruises and even blood, there was a smile on every face.  It was really a great accomplishment mentally and physically and I am so proud to have been your coach but more importantly that you allowed me to be a part of this challenge with you all.

Congratulations to the 2013 Tough Mudder Wild Team:

  1. Lisa Mortl
  2. Laura Englebrecht
  3. Lee Woosypiti
  4. Ashly Woosypiti
  5. Corey Churchill
  6. Jon Howard
  7. Wendy Obando
  8. Stan Carrico
  9. Sharon Collopy
  10. Coach Rachel Schaeffer
  11. Coach Brian Lucas

Click HERE to see a complete photo album of our Wild Tough Mudder Team on our Facebook Page.