Water for Weight Loss

Water for Weight Loss.

We all know that.  Not that we all gulp down enough H2O, but we have heard it before that water is good for weight loss.  Now, don’t close this tab because there is more to drinking water then just turning on the faucet.

The day before Thanksgiving Wild Workouts and Wellness appeared on Fox 6 Studio A.  During the segment I gave a water drinking tip that host Brian Kemp never head of .  Click HERE to watch the video.  Keep reading because I hope to share some new water tips with you too!

See drinking water is more than just a weight loss tip.  It’s a primal need for all of us.   Going without water for 3 or more days leads to death.  That’s a big deal.  Yet, many people guzzle coffee, soda and sweetened beverages instead of natural H2O.  Dehydration can lead to numerous health condition including diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, high cholesterol, head aches, back pain and so much more.

When it comes to weight loss, mild dehydration can lead to false feelings of hunger.  In our hypothalamus, part of the brain, the hunger and thirst centers reside in the same area.     Many of the hunger aches and craving we experience can be relieved by drinking water.  (Unless we are truly hungry.  Then we’ll get those hunger pangs back in about 10 to 20 minutes).

So when it comes to drinking water, here are my top 5 tips to help you optimize your health and lose weight.

1) Drink filtered water.  As the Waterboy said “Now that’s what I call high quality H2O.”  Tap water is filled with toxins like disinfected byproducts, chemicals, radiation, heavy metals and even pharmaceuticals.   Fluoride, which is added to tap water in municipalities, is also extremely toxic and suppressing to the thyroid.  When we drink in all these toxins our body needs to detoxify and the liver is called to action.  The liver works hard enough, so let’s give it a break by drinking filtered water.

Reverse Osmosis water is the most filtered water taking out the bad, as well as the good stuff.  So when we drink reverse osmosis water we need to put the good stuff back in.  (That’s in tip 2).  You can get reverse osmosis water at most groceries stores or have a filter put in your house.  Another good source of water is natural spring water.  If you have a spring near your home, this can be a great resource for good, natural water.  Here’s a link to see if you have a spring where you live.  http://www.findaspring.com

2) Add sea salt or liquid minerals to your filtered water.   In tip 1, I mentioned that reverse osmosis filtration takes out the bad stuff and the good stuff.  But don’t worry, we can put the “good stuff back” in.  The “good stuff” is the vital minerals in natural water that our body needs for metabolic reaction.  To get these minerals back in your water take a pinch of Himalayan or celtic sea salt and add it to your glass or bottle.   Now you should not feel like you are drinking the ocean.  Instead your water should have a softer taste.  You can also purchase a liquid mineral supplement to put in your water.  I have this at home and use it occasionally but it does give the water a “taste”.  Reverse osmosis water is ultra dilute and can go right through you.  (Frequent runs to the toilet.) Putting the minerals back in to your filtered water will help you stay hydrated longer.

3) Drink water first thing in the morning.  You’ve just slept for around 8 hours.  During that time, most of us don’t drink any water so you wake up slightly dehydrated.  Start your morning off with a glass of room temperature water.  (More on this in my next tip.)  Add some sliced lemon to your first glass of water to help detox your liver, which we already mentioned is over worked.  Starting your day off fully rehydrated will help your mood, energy and cravings.

4) Drink water at room temperature.  “What?  I thought drinking ice-cold water raises your metabolism.” Ice cold water might do this, but it will disrupt digestion.  And in my book, the key to health and weight loss is proper digestion.  Cold water entering a 98.6 body can be quite shocking and can mess with our internal flora.  Room temperature water is absorbed easier in the body to keep you hydrated.  If you’re looking for water to give you a metabolic boost, then take a cold shower.  Cold thermogenesis is a great way to blast fat and wake up.

5) Don’t drink water with meals.  Drinking too much water while we are eating can alter how we digest the meal.  Digestion and assimilation is number one in my book for weight loss and health.  If you do consume water with your meal keep it to a minimum of 6 to 8 ounces and of course, room temperature.   Drink water up until 15 minutes before a meal and resume up to 15 minutes after a meal.

Water is not just a part of your weight loss plan but your overall health plan.  Follow these 5 tips to ensure you receive the benefits of proper hydration.  Drink up!