Warning: This Exercise Will Crush Your Abs

Here at Wild Workouts and Wellness, we offer a specialty class called core camp.  It’s designed for those looking to not only sculpt flatter abs but also get a strong, solid midsection.  Core camp is one of most popular specialty classes because people love the variety and intensity of the workout.  I know this because when they laugh the next day they feel how sore their abs are.

But not all of you are in core camp.  So I wanted to give you a killer core camp exercise that you can incorporate in your workouts at the gym.  For this exercise you’ll need to use a suspension trainer like a TRX or Jungle Gym.

This is a combination exercise where you do two exercises back to back.  You’ll do a suspension pike into a suspension runners plan.

What does this look like?  Well, watch the video and I’ll show you.  I’ll also demonstrate a variation that you can do if you’re not quite ready to perform this exercise on the suspension trainers.

Start out by working up to 10 repetitions.  Once you nail that, work on adding multiple sets of 10 to your ab training program.