Triathlon Training Exercises: Stability Ball Russian Twist

Coach Amber was featured in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel again for the 4th week demonstrating another great exercise geared towards those training for a triathlon! These exercises are also great at home workouts for beginners. This week, Amber shows us how to do a Stability Ball Russian Twist!

What you will need:

  • A Stability Ball
  • A Medicine Ball – or other weighted object

How To Do A Stability Ball Russian Twist:

  • Start seated on stability ball while holding medicine ball
  • Roll onto your back so your back and neck are properly supported by the stability ball
  • Keep your core activated the entire time
  • Do not let your hips drop. Keep your hips lifted
  • Lift medicine ball to the sky and rotate to your right side while rotating on shoulders
  • Come back to center
  • Then roll to the left side
  • Then back to center


Beginner Workout:
Start with 1-2 sets of 10-14 repetitions.

Advanced Workout:
Do 3-4 sets of 14-20 repetitions.