Toxic Products in Your Makeup Bag

Wild Workouts and Wellness is more than just a place to go and get a good sweat.   Our philosophy runs deeper than healthy food and workouts, it’s also about healthy living.

I meet so many people struggling with fatigue, skin problems, allergies and excess body fat.  Solutions to the problems go beyond exercise more and eat better.  The answers are in changing our lifestyles.   Yes exercise and nutrition are lifestyle changes, but so are things like improving sleep quality, limiting toxins in your environment and reducing stress.

As consumers, we don’t realize that many of the everyday products we use are full of chemicals,  heavy metals, and other toxins.  One of my favorite websites, the  Environmental Working Group lists many of the toxic chemicals found in every day products and cosmetics.  A few culprits on this list include:  parabens, aluminum powder, fragrance, retinal acetate, and so many more.

In today’s video blog, I am interviewing beauty expert Liz Keller  She’s a nurse in the Milwaukee area as well as a consultant for an organic make-up and skin care line, Neal’s Yard Remedies.

In this video we cover the importance of using organic products on your skin and the the Top 3 Toxic Cosmetic Products you are using.

In the video Liz mentioned parabens, heavy metals, and other cancer related chemicals in cosmetic products.  Here is a list of those toxins and how they can damage your health.

Parabens: Can disrupt the endocrine system, contribute to a compromised immunity and allergies.
Found In: Shower gels, face cleaners, foundation, and mascara

Lead and Other Heavy Metals:  Are linked to neurological and reproductive disorders
Found In: Lipstick, nail color, foundation, and mascara

Butylated Compounds (BHT, BHA): Disrupt the endocrine system, linked to reproductive disorders, skin irritation, and allergies
Found In: Lipstick, deodorant, sunscreen and perfume

Retinyl Acetate (Vitamin A Acetate): Interferes with cellular signaling, linked to reproductive disorders and cancer.
Found In: Mascara,  anti-aging products, and oil reducing products

If you’d like to read more about toxic chemicals, check out my article on Toxic Cleaning Products.