Top 3 Reasons to Work with a Coach

I’ve been a coach for over 12 years.  I’ve helped hundreds of people achieve their health and fitness goals.  From losing 100+ pounds, to running a marathon I’ve worked with a variety of clients to make their goals a reality.

I’ve had many different coaches throughout my life.  Starting at a young age, I had a violin coach I worked one on one with to improve my my sound and technique.  As a high school, collegiate and post collegiate athlete I’ve worked with coaches to help take my athletic performance to another level.  Even now, I work with a business coach to help me run the best personal training studio in the Milwaukee Area.

Not only have I loved being a coach, but I have really enjoyed working with the variety of coaches I’ve had in my life.  I know that each of these people have been instrumental in the success I have achieved and enjoying the journey I have been on.

So, why would anyone go to a coach?  Specifically, why would someone get a coach to help them lose weight, get stronger, or improve their health? Well, it depends how serious you are about getting the results you want.  So many people have the idea, “I’ll just do it on my own” and that is fine.  But the “on your own” method is usually the longest, slowest and most frustrating way.  And too often, that road stops at a dead end of giving up because of lack of results, minimal progress, and running out of will power.

When it comes to health and fitness goals, there is too much at stake.  Aches and pains, possibilities of taking medication, lower quality of life, poor self image, and not being able to “keep up” any more can be sources of extreme discomfort, disgust and unhappiness.  But even though there are these negative feelings, it’s also very scary to get started.  Fear can really put the breaks on and keep us stuck in old habits and our current condition.

That is where a coach can help out.  Here are the top 3 reasons to work with a coach to reach your health and fitness goals.


In January, many people will join a commercial gym to lose weight and get in shape.  When they walk in for their first workout, they are clueless on what to do.  The frustration of now knowing what to do and how to do it, zaps the motivation right out of you.  I’ve sat down with hundreds of clients over the years and I always hear “I’m not sure what to do on my own”, “I’m not sure how to get started” and “I’m not sure if I’m doing it right”.

A coach can lay out a plan for you to follow so you know what to do.  Figuring it out by yourself would take a long time because of the hours of research it takes to set  up a plan.  Using a coach, you will have a plan laid out for you telling you where to start and how to progress you.

The other part of this is making sure you are doing exercises safely.   Especially if you have previous or current injuries.  A coach can provide an unbiased evaluation of where you are starting from and work with you on choose the best exercises for your needs.  From there, they will provide the feedback on correct exercise form and execution.  Many exercises, especially machines at a gym, can lead to pains and injuries.  Why start an exercise program if you are going to end up hurt.

Motivation and Accountability

Willpower.  That’s what “they” say.  You got to have willpower to change.  And yes, you have plenty of willpower when you start out on the path to your goals.  In January, people have plenty of willpower to reach there goals.  But something happens…… Or maybe we could say a lot of things happen.

Often you don’t have a support network.  The people in your life, family and friends, begin to sabotage you.  “You can just eat one cookie”.  “I heard if you eat low carb your heart will just stop”. or “You are getting too skinny”.  These are things that I have heard from plenty of clients over the years.  (And much more.)  Your well meaning family and friends give you their opinion.  Nothing based on fact, just what they think about your situation.  A coach can provide the support network you need to not let these opinions get in the way of your success.   Their advice and knowledge provide the backbone to brush off these sabotaging statements so you can stay on track.

During your journey, there will be high and low times.  The high times when you are seeing success and progress and the low times when you encounter hurdles and detours.  During these low times, your head can fill with negative messages based on past failures and attempts.  A good coach, can help get your mind right and your internal thoughts aligned with where you want to go.  They can keep you focused on the journey and show you multiple ways you are progressing.  An example of this is non-scale victories.  As clients embark on their weight loss journey, all they seem to see is the scale.  When the scale does not move, this can sabotage months of positive efforts.  A good coach can also show you the non-scale victories and keep you from giving up on a good thing.

A good coach can help us believe in ourselves.  Self doubt sleeps in the same bed as head trash.  We doubt we have the strength, the ability or even the courage to get what we want.  Doubting ourselves can inhibit us from even starting on the journey toward our goals.   A good coach can help facilitate building your self confidence.  By providing the step by step process, they establish the framework you need to accomplish something you never thought possible.  These little victories squash out limiting beliefs and build the confidence you need to go forward.

Coaches provide accountability.  They honestly let you know when you are doing great as well as when you need some constructive feedback.   When you are on your own and miss a workout, there is no one checking in on you.  It’s just that much easier to miss the next workout.  When you have a coach and you miss a workout their job is to get you back on track.  Based on evaluation of the situation, they can determine if a change in course or mental game is necessary.  But needless to say, you are going to have someone there to pull you back on course to where you want to go.


When you want results, look to a coach to get there faster and with less struggles.   They have been taken the journey, done the homework, and have helped other people.  They have proven methods and systems established to take out the guess work and pave a path with less resistance.  Feedback, tracking methods, and expertise are just a few of the tools coaches use to bring out the best in their clients.   Sometimes it’s nice to just follow the instructions and not have to come up with the entire game plan.   When hiccups come up, a coach can handle them and let you focus on what’s important…..your goals.  You don’t all have time for all the busy work.  You have jobs, families, commitments and lives.  Make it the coach’s job to get you there and utilize the tools they give you.

With over 12 years of coaching, it’s been awesome to help people achieve success.  I believe in coaching whole heartedly.  That’s why I continue to have coaches too.  There is nothing weak with asking for help.  There is nothing wrong in investing in your goals and future.  It’s silly to hold on to limiting beliefs about doing it on your own and staying stuck in the cycle of attempts and failures.  Get the help you need to live the life you want.