Tanning to Improve Your Health?

The sun has received a bad rap over the years for aging our skin and causing skin cancer.  But people have been playing and living in the sun for years.  The sun is the best way to get Vitamin D, which  many people are deficient in.    Vitamin D deficiency is linked to many illnesses and health problems  like cancer, seizures, migraines, obesity, skin problems, seasonal affected disorder and so much more.  Click here for a  list of health problems linked to a vitamin D deficiency.

Day light savings time has passed and our available day light hours are getting less and less.  Plus the cooler temperatures force us to stay indoors instead of playing outside.  If you live in a place that experiences shorter days and cooler temperatures, getting adequate sun time will be much more difficult.

Could tanning be an option?  You bet. But the type of bed and rays you get are important.  When I tan, I use an UVB tanning bed.  UVB rays is the type of ultraviolet light used to change cholesterol into Vitamin D.

But what about melanoma?  Skin cancer is a real concern, but the Vitamin D your body produces in response to the UVB rays protects the body against skin cancer.   So before a vacation or before the summer hits, protect yourself with higher Vitamin D levels so you can be safe in the sun.

Where do you find a UVB Bed?  If you live in the Milwaukee Area you can head to Bella Grace Tanning.   Also when I tan, beside choosing a place with a UVB bed I look for the following things: cleanliness and a knowledgeable staff.   A bronzed bod is nice, but I’m tanning for my health and to feel better.

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