Keeping Up with Kids

On Saturday Darren and I took our niece Anna out for her birthday date.   That date started with a trip to the Humboldt park playground.  As with most kids, Anna ran over to the spider-web climbing thing because I have to admit it looked pretty cool.  Just before she began to climb up, she turned to look at me and said “Auntie Amber, climb up too!”

I was not wearing my playground apparel on Saturday. I had a cute pair of pink loafers on, skinny jeans, tank and a jean jacket.  But it did look like fun so I decided to climb.  No problems yet.  I was good to go climbing around on the ropey, spider web apparatus.  But of course, just climbing is not enough.  Then Anna suggested that we should race.  Not just to the top, but to the top over the side, across the rope bridge and down the slide.  This is when my skill was put to the test.

As you could imagine, Anna smoked me during our race.  Not only that, but the jean jacket was off and I was working up a sweat.  Was I getting a workout from my 9-year-old niece?  I think so.  But it was fun.  We continued to climb up and down the fake rock wall, monkey bars and run around the play ground.  It was a blast.

But as I looked around the playground, I was the only adult climbing around the playground and playing.  The other adults were sitting on park benches watching.  One parent near by had to decline the request of a child they were with to join them on the playground equipment.   I felt really good that I could be there with my niece running around, climbing and swinging.

Keeping up with our kids, grand-kids,  nieces and nephews is really important as we age.  Otherwise we sit on the side lines. How do you train for the playground?  Get in the weight room.  Lift heavy things, jump, pull yourself up, move side ways, and challenge your body to do movements beside sitting or standing.

If it’s been awhile or your just not sure where to start then get a trainer and join some group workouts.  It’s time to get moving.  Because now it’s the playground but soon it will be mud runs, triathlons and weekend food ball games.  You need to keep up!  I’m glad here at Wild, we help so many people live fuller and enjoy time and activities with their families!!