“Summer Slim Down” Challenge 2017

It’s summer time…….Are you Ready for swimsuits, shorts and tank tops???

After a long winter of heavy sweaters, it’s finally time to think about swimsuits, tank tops, and shorts.

Now if that thought freaks you out a bit.  Keep reading.

Look, the winter was rough and it was easy to neglect workouts and exercise.  If you feel like all hope is lost, stop right there.

Give us just 28 days and we’ll melt up to 12 pounds (or more) of fat off your body and put you on the fast track to tight, toned, and terrific…..quickly, safely and naturally.  

Check out these Winners from our recent weight loss Challenge, these results aren’t atypical, if they can do it so can YOU ….


We’ve developed this 28-day rapid fat loss program that’s unlike anything you’ve ever tried in the past….And it’s guaranteed to work for you.  There’s no dieting, no pills, and no gimmicks . Because that stuff doesn’t work for the long haul.

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Our 28-day program is a combination of three elements:

  1. Fun, quick exercise that burn the maximum number of calories, removing stubborn body fat from your body faster than anything else you can do.

  2. Nutritional guidance,support and planning.

  3. And the magic of coaching and accountability from proven experts with an unmatched track record of success in Milwaukee. (Don’t believe us? Then check out the finalists from our last challenge. Pretty amazing, huh?) 

Yes, the coaching and accountability are pretty darn close to being magical.  In fact, if you’ve struggled in the past to lose weight and get your body looking the way you want it to, the #1 reason for that is lack of effective coaching and accountability.

Simply put, there is no substitution for external motivation and personalized coaching from a real expert who’s gotten see-it-in-the-mirror results for other clients just like you.  It’s the biggest secret to success.

Just give us the chance and we’ll prove that to you (you’ll be amazed by the results).

The entire program is just 28 days. That’s just 4 weeks……to melt up to 12 pounds (or more) of fat off your body and put you on the fastest track to tight, toned, and terrific.

Here is how the Summer Slimdown Challenge Works:

1. Fill out the Registration Form Below.   We are only excepting 50 participants in the Summer Slimdown Challenge, so you need to sign up right away.  All of our challenges fill up to maximum capacity.  You don’t want to miss out.

2. After you fill out your Registration Form, a page will pop up where you can make a payment.   You can choose either:

  • 2 Boot Camp Workouts a Week for $109

  • Unlimited Boot Camp Workouts for $149

Both packages include all the amazing bonuses mentioned below.

3. Once we receive your payment, you will be emailed the Summer Slimdown Challenge Guide.  You’ll also receive a series of emails to make sure you’re ready to get started.  (So make sure our emails are going to your inbox)

4. The Challenge officially begins on Saturday June 3rd.  All participants must come to the Summer Slimdown Headquarters at at Wild Workouts and Wellness here in Bay View for orientation on Saturday June 3rd from 8am – 10am for baseline measurements and orientation.


Here are the other BONUSES You Will Receive:

► Your Summer Slimdown Orientation with the Wild Team on Saturday June 3rd at 8:30am or 9:30am

► Initial and Final Assessments, Guidance & Coaching

► Weekly email support and motivation

► Convenient online scheduling from over 35 Boot Camp workout times to meet your schedule needs.

► Complete 28-Day Nutrition and Exercise Guide for you to follow on your own or with our help (your choice).

2 Sunday Funday Workouts on 6/4 & 6/25 at 7:30am or 8:15am

What You Can WIN:

► One Grand Champion will win gifts and prizes valued at $250.

► Two Runners Up will win gifts and prizes valued up $150.

► The biggest prize of all, however, is the body transformation results you will achieve!

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Now it’s time to choose how many workouts you would like each week.   


If you’re “in it to win it” and you’re truly committed to your goals, then sign up for the UNLIMITED workouts option for just $149.


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If you have a full schedule, you may way to choose the 2 workouts a week option for just $109. 

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IMPORTANT – You will be sent supporting emails with important information during the 28-Day Summer Slimdown.  Please make sure our emails are going into your inbox otherwise you’ll miss out.