Stretch and Strength

Get Yoga and Strength Training Done in 75 minutes? 

You bet.  With busy schedules it’s hard to do both.  Well, here is your chance to get an amazing fusion workout with Strength and Stretch.

Here is how it works:

Focus on building lean muscle in the first 30 minutes of Strength.  Get ready to grab some kettlebells, throw some medicine balls, and use the suspension trainers.  This workout will tone your entire body.

Work with the expert coaches of Wild Workouts and Wellness to enjoy a great workout with correct form.  HHY tigerPal logoHHY tiger

The next 30 minutes will give you an amazing Stretch with 30 minutes of yoga.

Your muscles will crave the yoga movements to get stretch out, stronger and increase range of motion.  The yoga professionals from Healium Hot Yoga will take you through a flow of movements that will leave you feel long, lean and stretched out.


January 23rd, 30th, February 6th, 13th


11:00am to 12:15pm


Wild Workouts and Wellness 3056 S. Delaware Ave.

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