Sportea and Your Health

This month our featured product is Sportea.  Yes, it’s delicious with it’s naturally sweet and citrus flavor.  But what makes Sportea so special?

Well, I’ll start by calling Sportea a superfood.  This beverage has amazing properties that will totally boost your health and vitality.   It’s beyond comparison to other teas and beverages.  Sportea is packed full of Vitamin C, adaptogenic herbs, mate’ and electrolytes.

Every hear of stress?  When under stress you adrenal glands take a beating.  To avoid are adrenal glands from getting overworked we need to support them nutritionally and with lifestyle.  Well, Sportea can take care of the nutrition component.

Vitamin C is highly supportive of adrenal function.  In the book “Adrenal Fatigue Stress Syndrome of the 21st Century”, Dr. Wilson recommends taking Vitamin C to help the adrenals.  Plus we all know that Vitamin C is a super immunity booster.

The adaptogenic herb Eluethero (Siberian Ginseng) is highly beneficial for handling stress on a daily basis.  Adaptogenic refers to the herbs properties to help you adapt to life’s situations.  Eluethero provides sustained energy without the jolt that caffeine exhibits.  Eluethero also helps with mental clarity.

With plenty of trace minerals, you’ll get a host of electrolytes to aid in hydration and diffuse stress symptoms.  Trace minerals are a crucial component of energy production.

As you can see, Sportea is more than a tasty beverage.  It’s packed full of vitality boosting nutrition that will assist you anywhere from the sports play to the hectic lifestyle you live.