Special Announcements

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We’ve been making some tweaks behind the scenes to make your experience here at Wild Workouts and Wellness EVEN BETTER!

Here are some special announcements we’d like you to be aware of…


Lead Trainer Promotion

Coach Carla is Wild’s Small Group Lead Trainer and has been an integral member of our team and our Small Group program design and client success. Since we opened the Boot Camp location in Feb 2016 we haven’t had an official Lead Trainer at this location, it’s time to change that.


Coach Christy has already taken on many of the responsibilities of a lead trainer by going above and beyond both in the gym and behind the scenes. As clients, you gave Coach Christy glowing reviews and positive feedback on her energy, enthusiasm, modifications and hands-on corrections style. We’ve been hearing for months that the Boot Camp workouts are not only fun but challenging, and for many of our veterans – even getting harder! Christy took over Boot Camp’s Program Design and focuses on designing workouts that will offer variety and fun for everyone, we especially love her themed workouts!


For these reasons and many more, we’d like to officially announce Coach Christy as our Boot Camp Lead Trainer! Please throw her a high-five and congratulate her the next time you are in her workout… better yet, you’ll make her day if you do a burpee high-five!


Trainer Schedule Changes

You might have noticed some recent schedule changes at the Boot Camp location. We try to offer consistency in trainer class times. We know that it’s natural for different people to prefer a particular coach’s style and try to make those classes a part of their regular routine. You might have noticed that in recent months Wild had been seeking out and interviewing potential new trainer candidates. We are pretty particular when it comes to our hiring process and its multifaceted to ensure that we find the right fit.


We needed to fill additional hours that our current staff couldn’t provide, in order to:

  • add more class times
  • offer more specialty classes
  • expand our current programs
  • fill the demand of 1-on-1 Personal Training inquiries


During this process, Coach Terressa expressed dissatisfaction with her current daytime employment and an eagerness to give more to training Wild clients as well as take on some special projects outside of the gym. We are so excited to work more with Coach Terressa and grow together! Her positive attitude and kindness are contagious and gosh darn it, we just like to be around her… and we know you do too!


Physical Therapy Partner

Its a fact of life that as we get older and more active, injuries can occur. Wild coaches have the expertise in modifications and corrections that will help prevent injuries and/or work around them but sometimes there are issues beyond our scope.

Jenna Bruckner is not only a Wild Workouts & Wellness client, but she is also our new PT Partner. Jenna has her Doctorate in Physical Therapy and works at Sports Physical Therapists located in Cudahy (and has 9 locations in SE WI). Jenna understand the need and benefit to stay active. She will be devoting one day a month to Wild clients and providing assessments and advice on any injuries you may be experiencing.

“Meet the Physical Therapist” next Monday, June 26th between 4:30-6:30pm.


In.Form Nutrition Program

Wow! Our 13-week In.Form Nutrition Program hasn’t even finished and we’ve already had so many amazing success stories! We have had many participants already  drop 10+ pounds, lower their body fat and drop their metabolic age by decades! We are now accepting 15 new participants to join the In.Form Nutrition Program. If this sounds like the ‘game changer’ you need to drop some weight and keep it off, just EMAIL US at wildworkoutsandwellness@gmail.com to schedule a quick meeting to go over the details.

Trainer Education

The last weekend of July is an exciting one for the Wild Team. The Perform Better Summit is back in Chicago and we are going! This is one of the leading fitness expos in the industry with some of the most recognized professionals. One of our core values at Wild is “Constantly learning and improving”, staying on top of the latest education and expanding our knowledge is important to our craft.


Since the Wild team will be traveling for this event, there is a modified schedule the weekend of July 28-30th  be prepared and schedule your workouts in advance with these changes in mind. (You’ll also want to be prepared for suffering… I mean ‘challenging’ workouts that the Wild coaches take away from this weekend! Remember 2015??)