Hit ALL of your running goals in 2016!

Mother Nature has been teasing me with dreams of warm weather runs, and  I know she’s been teasing you too!

How do I know?

Because on those few days in March and into April where the sun is shining and the temps are rising I see many of you hitting the streets in your running shoes trying to make the most of it.

Well, I’m fairly confident that we are moving past the cold and we can start laying out our running plans and goals for the summer and fall season, so let’s talk about them!


Who is ready for their first 5k? Or perhaps, returning to the 5k distance after taking some time off.

Tackling a 5k on your own can be a overwhelming and daunting experience.

  • How much do I run this week?

  • What do I eat?

  • What do I wear?

  • What is “packet pick-up”?

  • Where do I start?

  • Not to mention, then you have to actually lace up your shoes, walk out the door and start running.

It can be overwhelming, (and let’s face it, a little bit scary) to do it on your own.

We’ve had great success with the

Wild Workouts & Wellness C25k Training Program

year after year.

You’ll get the tools you need for race day and the support and encouragement of a team around you. And believe me when I say, without fail, the C25k team is like a small family by the time race day comes around.

To learn more about Wild’s C25k Training Program and REGISTER to get started click HERE, the 8 week program starts April 23rd.

couch to 5K group

To get INSPIRED, read a recap of last year’s C25K program HERE!

What about those of you that are looking to push BEYOND the 5k distance?

Once you’ve accomplished it, you can get stuck in a 5K routine and wonder “where do I go from here?” Doubling that 5k to a 10k distance is an achievable goal. With Wild’s 10K Training Program we break through the 5k barrier by getting you comfortable and confident running your BEST 10K and finishing STRONG!


Wild’s 10k Training Team will tackle the Brewers Mini Marathon 10k on September 10th. Training will start mid-July to have you ready to rock this race.

brewers half

Is a Half-Marathon on your bucket list?

Milwaukee Running Festival is November 6th and there is plenty of time to get ready to run 13.1 miles at this exciting race. We’ll be rolling right into Wild’s Half Marathon Training Program after we’ve completed the Brewers Mini Marathon 10k! Why not?!? Let’s keep the momentum going!


Have you logged the distance and now you want to start picking up the pace? Do you have some PR goals calling your name?

Then you should probably… no, you should DEFINITELY… check out our Run Wild Interval Program!

Run Wild focuses on interval running group workouts and not only will these workouts BLAST FAT, but they WILL make you FASTER! This program is designed for runners of ALL levels and abilities because we break out into smaller groups based on experience level. The Spring Session of Run Wild starts on MAY 5th and is the perfect compliment to add-on to ANY training program, CLICK HERE to REGISTER!

2016 is the year to start checking off those running goals, whatever they might be, and Wild Workouts & Wellness will help you do it! You’ll notice that all of our distance training programs as well as Run Wild is group-based training. There’s a reason for that!

Running may be an individual sport,

but there are benefits to group training!

  1. Accountability! Committing to a training team holds you accountable when there’s that little voice inside your head that tries to convince you to skip a run!

  2. Consistency! The best way to become a better runner is to do it MORE. A training team with a consistent schedule is going to keep you on track to hit your goals.

  3. Motivation & Challenge! This is why I love Run Wild, because there is always someone who is faster than you that will push you to go beyond your comfort zone. I never run as fast as I do when I’m trying to catch someone… or not let someone catch me!

  4. Learning! Your training coach is here to give you tips on running form, rolling & recovery, nutrition, race day fueling and hydration and so much more! Take advantage of the expert coaches that Wild employs.