Restorative Pose

For the month of April Wild Workouts and Wellness is featured in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.  Our focus in posture exercises.  This week’s exercise is the Restorative Pose with a foam roller.  Not only is this a great exercise for posture, but it’s a great relaxation exercise.  Do this exercise at the end of the day before you go to bed to release tight back muscles and work on deep breathing.

Here’s how you do the exercise:

Lie supine on foam roller (length wise) and rock body from side to side to massage upper thoracic spine. Arms are relaxed alongside the body with palms facing upward. In this position, you can work on diaphragmatic breathing by connecting with your breath. You can also work on pelvic stability by lifting a leg off of the ground and holding for a few seconds, then alternating.

Here’s the video: