Race Walking Workshop

What is Race Walking?

Never heard of it…… No worries.

You’re question should really be…..How can Race Walking help me?

I’m glad you asked.

If you’re a runner, Race Walking can help you runner faster.  It’s the perfect cross training that can help you continue to train when injured or take a break from the pounding of running.  In the below video, check out my top reasons  for runners to learn how to race walk.

If you’re a walker, Race Walking can help you amp up your walk burning more fat and calories.  You’ll also tone your buns and hips.  In the following video, see how walkers can benefit by learning to Race Walk.



So mark your calendar for THIS YEAR’s Wild’s Race Walking Workshop

When: Sunday May 21st

Time: 10am-11amish

Where: Wild’s Boot Camp facility –

2898 S Delaware Ave, Milwaukee WI 53207


Make sure to wear clothes for indoor/outdoor use.  Running shoes or racing flats are the most ideal shoes to wear for this workshop.

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