An Open Letter from Kate Smith, General Manager

This is an Open Letter to all of my Wild family, present and past. You know what we say, once you’re a part of the Wild family, you’re ALWAYS a part of the Wild family.

I wanted to personally reveal what the Wild Team has been working on behind the scenes.   It’s time to pull back the curtain.  We have taken all of your great suggestions, including our own observations and are upgrading the entire personal, small group training and boot camp programs at Wild Workouts and Wellness.

But before I do that I want to be completely honest with you.  You might have noticed that I’ve been less active at the gym these last few weeks.  On July 12th, I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer and will be undergoing mastectomy surgery in August for treatment.  This news has rocked me to the core and has been absolutely brutal for me, both physically and emotionally. I am used to attacking my day, being productive and active and strong, and when this diagnosis occurred it really took a toll on me mentally.   I don’t say this to gain sympathy.  The reason I share this is because it has also lit a fire in me. It’s helped me focus on being present, appreciating life and how to live each day even better than the day before.  It also makes me want to serve you and our community even better.

We are very blessed to have you as a client and it means a great deal that you have put your trust in the Wild team.  I love my job. I love connecting with people and hearing their stories and struggles and helping them overcome those challenges. I love hearing their successes in health and fitness. I love seeing them accomplish goals they previously thought were impossible.

I love it because I was that person. Six years ago I was unhappy with my body, uncomfortable in my clothes, unhealthy in my eating habits. I was unsure as to how I could change any of that, and scared to think about the path I was heading down. Then I found Amber and Wild.

I went from a client, to a certified trainer, and now the General Manager. I’ve lost 60 pounds, run a marathon, changed my career path and tried to become an example of a strong and healthy person for my kids and my community. I wake up every morning with passion and purpose for what I do and the people I work with. (That’s you.)

That’s why I have a goal. I want to change more lives. I want to help people be the best (and strongest and healthiest) version of themselves. I want to be 400 Wild.


What’s 400 Wild?

Right now there are approximately 75 Small Group Training program clients and 225 Boot Camp clients. That’s about 300 lives that have made the commitment to improve their health and fitness. That’s awesome. That’s AMAZING! But I know there are many more people in our community that need our help. Yes, I said OUR help.

Do you know what makes Wild so awesome? YOU.

I constantly get feedback about the encouraging and supportive environment that we have in our training sessions. Not just from the Wild staff, but from OTHER clients. It’s what connected me to Wild. It’s probably what connected you too. Starting on a journey to health and fitness can be a scary and intimidating experience, and so often I hear about newer members being encouraged and motivated by those in the workouts around them. Friendships are forged on that gym floor. Neighbors are connected. Community is built. I want to extend that community to 400 Wild and I’m asking you to help me by reaching out and referring people that YOU KNOW could use support in their journey to healthy living.

In return for your help, here’s what Wild Workouts will continue providing you with:

  1. New Nutrition Support Program
  2. New client screening protocol and re-testing to ensure safe and proper movements
  3. New equipment upgrades
  4. New Small Group facility face-lift
  5. New Client ONLY events to build community and fun
  6. FREE Check-in Meetings
  7. FREE Monthly At-Home Workouts
  8. FREE Monthly Healthy Living Workshops
  9. FREE Wellness Consultations
  10. FREE Fitness Tracking Workouts

In addition, every Wild client that refers a friend that becomes a new member to help us hit our goal of 400 Wild will get invited to an exclusive Private Fitness Retreat!

I know this may seem like a lot, and it is…but you deserve it.  The free services we offer as a part of your membership and the new upgrades we are making are designed to keep you on your fitness journey so you can crush your goals.

I am 100% committed to your success and will help you any way I can to get you to your goals. I hope that you are 100% committed to our goal of helping even more people get on the path to wellness and becoming 400Wild!


Kate Smith

General Manager, Wild Workouts & Wellness