New Gym & Moving Party!

With just a little over a week to go until we are in our new gym space, we thought we would ease the anticipation of how things are progressing over there!  The walls are painted, flooring & molding is being installed this Wednesday, and the moving day is THIS Saturday!

We will have a changing stall, a separate bathroom for both men and women, new flooring, new office furniture, cubbies for you to keep all of your personal belongings in while you work out, coat hooks, a WILD boutique so you can get your shop on and much more!  We will have 3 times the amount of space than you are currently used to with separate workout rooms for both our Semi-Private classes and our Bootcamp Rooms!  We have painted our Bootcamp Room an energizing, WILD green color and our Semi-Private Class Room has a Pewter Grey wall color with green accents!

Get ready for MORE space, MORE equipment, MORE classes, MORE FUN!  

We can’t wait to make 3056 S. Delaware Avenue in Bay View the new home of Wild Workouts and Wellness!

MOVING PARTY / Saturday, August 31st / 11AM-1PM

We know it’s a lot to ask with it being Labor Day Weekend and all, but if you are free this upcoming Saturday from 11am-1pm, please come help us move!  Your help will be appreciated!  We will just fill up our cars & trucks and head over to the new gym to settle in.  We will be supplying refreshments and Gluten-Free Pizza as a small way of saying THANK YOU for all of your help!