Moonlight Bike Ride September 16th

We try to make your workouts at Wild the best part of your day, and want to share an experience that may be the best part of your month.

A bike ride along Lake Michigan under a full moon is exquisite, almost magical, and we are setting up a group ride to enjoy the spectacle on Friday, Sept. 16. Leaving from the Boot Camp location at 6:30, we will bike south on the Oak Leaf Trail and keep watch for the big orange glow over the lake, set to rise at 7 p.m.
The return trip will take us back through the shadowy woods and the meadow areas sparkling in the moonlight.
The total trip will be about 15 miles, and take about two hours, depending on how long we linger at the prime moonlight viewing spots.
This is a free outing, and all Wild Clients are welcome to enjoy the camaraderie and playfulness of a ride to the moon.