Monday Isn’t Magical

At regular gyms I call Monday Make Up Monday. Affectionately of course. Gyms are always packed on Monday as people feeling guilty from indulging on the weekends. They start off the week with good intentions, but as Wednesday rolls around these gyms are empty again. The momentum is lost for the rest of the week. But, they’ll start again next Monday. Right?

Now don’t get me wrong. I think Monday is a great day to set your intentions for the week and start off on the right foot. The problem is, the approach is followed by black and white thinking. Monday was a good day, but if you fall off Tuesday then it’s over. Well, now you feel like you fell off of the wagon and tell yourself that you’ll just start again the following week. This same pattern is true with diet. Eat great on Monday, possibly even Tuesday. But the work luncheon was pizza and it wrecks the rest of the week. But you can always start again Monday?

MONDAY IS NOT MAGICAL! Many people wait to start diets on a Monday. How about just start today!


WHEN IT COMES TO LASTING RESULTS, CONSISTENCY IS KEY!!! Consistency improves the more you make a commitment to it. Consistency makes progress versus being on the yo-yo plan. Good week, bad week, good day, bad day. This kind of routine is nuts! It does not enable you to make good and lasting habits. Stop making excuses. Start making progress!

Get your workouts on your calendar now! Having your day mapped out helps you stay organized on on task.

  • You woke this morning thinking about what you all need to get done today, right?
  • You have a work schedule, right?
  • You have a to-do list at your job, right?
  • So why wouldn’t you schedule your workouts, too!?

Your health is the most important thing, yet so many of us put it very last. Put working out on your calendar, and check it off your to-do list when it’s completed. You’ll feel accomplished, proud of yourself, and you’ll SEE the results when you stick to a routine! Having that appointment ensures you get your sweat on. This is the main reason people fail at their health goals at other gyms. There’s no accountability, no schedule, no routine. This is why we have CLASS TIMES here. You get the workout you need in just one hour. There’s no looking around wondering what to do at the gym. We come up with the plan FOR YOU. All we ask is that you stick to it!

Do not let guilt be one of those things that get in the way! Taking care of yourself is key to taking care of others. If you fall, get right back up! Ate something you regret? Don’t! Learn from it, start over NOW!

Stop the negative self talk!!!

  • Stop saying you don’t have time. Make time!
  • Stop saying you can’t, because you CAN!
  • Don’t skip your workout because you are having a bad day. A tough workout is just what you need!

Look up inspirational quotes and stick them on your desk at work, on the dashboard of your car, or even on the front of your refrigerator. Come up with a mantra that you can repeat to yourself over and over the moment you start feeling discouraged.

Now that you know how to Eat Wild, this should be the way you eat most of the time. But there are times that you will deviate from the plan. That’s OK!! What’s not OK, is letting the rest of the day or week be a junk food fest because you had one bad meal. Stop it! Get back on track with the very next meal. You’ll be feeling like crap already because of eating too many carbs, sugar or junk. Do yourself a favor and get Wild again.

Go grocery shopping and stock your house with the right food. Then either log your food or do some meal planning. Whatever keeps you on track.

Don’t tell yourself you’ll go grocery shopping and start right with healthy food after you finish off that carton of ice cream, that bag of chips, and eat those chocolates! Getting rid of the junk food FIRST before you eat healthy is a trap! Eating bad foods will make you want more bad foods. You’ll crave it! Have the willpower to throw it out and go grocery shopping TODAY! Tell yourself you are starting a new lifestyle NOW! There are SO many great HEALTHY indulgences. Look up some healthy, indulgent recipes, make them, and keep them on hand! You can still indulge. You just have to indulge SMART!

Don’t wait until Monday. Start NOW! Here’s to a consistent week of working out and eating well!