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I’m Amber, owner of Wild Workouts and Wellness and I had a baby this year.

Mom and Frank

I’ve always loved exercise.  However after having my son, I found it difficult to fit exercise in.  Even with my home gym in the basement, I struggled to carve out exercise time with other “stuff” to do at home.   And when I did workout at home, it was just hard to push myself.  I would go through the motions because all I could think about was my list of things I had to get done.  I really needed to separate my workouts out of my home to create some “me time”.

I felt lonely as a new mom.  I really wanted to connect with other women just to laugh, talk and forget about the dirty diapers and sleepless nights.   Yes, I could workout alone but I really wanted to be social and have some fun.

That’s why I am so excited to partner up with Well Rounded Birth Center to offer Mom Time Fitness Classes.  This class allows Moms to have the “me time” they need to feel their best in a community that is supportive and fun.

Workouts To Get Your Body Back In Shape and Boost Your Energy


This 5-Week Workout Class will increase your strength, boost your energy and help you shed extra weight.   If your baby is 8-weeks old or 21-years old, this workout is for all Moms wanting to look and feel their best.

And you know what…. This workout will be your escape to carve out some ME TIME.  Time where you can be around other women laughing, sweating and (for 45 minutes) forgetting the stress of the day.

These 45-minute workouts will include kettlebells, dumbbells, bands, medicine balls, body weight exercises and more to help you tone your body.

Our workouts will be held at the WELL ROUNDED BIRTH CENTER.  Depending on the weather our workouts may be indoors or outdoors.

Start time will be 530pm.  

Mom Time Fitness is a group personal training session.  Expect to get coached to do the exercises correctly and tailor the exercises for your level.  So that means we can ONLY accept 10 Moms into each session of Mom Time Fitness.

Fall Sessions starts on January 16th and the dates are 1/16, 1/23, 1/30, 2/6 and 2/13

The cost for the 5 week session is $65.


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Where is Well Rounded Birth Center Located: Just a couple blocks south of Lincoln Avenue at 2455 S. Howell Ave. WI, Milwaukee 53207.

Where do I park: You can park on Howell Avenue or any of the side streets.

What do I need to bring to Mom Time Fitness Classes: You don’t need to bring any equipment.  You may want to bring a water bottle and a small towel.  You may want to bring a change of clothes after class depending on your drive.

What if I can not make a class: If you can not make a class, please email in advance.  You’ll receive more information regarding this in your welcome letter.

Can I make up a missed class: Yes.  During each session, we are allowing you to make up 1 missed class during one of our regular boot camp training sessions at Wild Workouts and Wellness.

What if I’m running late: Come.  Better late than just skipping the workout.

What if I have an injury or limitations: Please notify us prior to starting the class.   Your coach will be able to provide modifications to exercises that may not be best for your current condition.