Lotion Bars

Wild Workouts and Wellness is more than just great workouts and whole food nutrition plan.  It’s about living a healthy lifestyle.  And for me, when I talk about lifestyle I am going to hit on the topic of chemicals in our environment.

The chemicals we encounter each and every day effect our health in ways that lead us to low energy for exercise or make our bodies hold on to fat despite our best nutrition intentions.   In addition, these chemicals can alter our hormones and neurotransmitters leading to some significant health implications.

Cosmetics is one of the biggest culprits of chemical toxicity that we are exposed to each and every day.  Today, I am specifically going to talk about lotion. How many of us moisturize our skin every morning after we get out of the shower?  Do you have your favorite scent?

I remember when the lotion market exploded with all the scented lotions.   And you could get a matching shower gel scent too.  You could have regular sized lotions and travel sized lotions.  You no longer could have the excuse to have dry skin or smell bad because you could always apply more lotion.

But commercial lotions are full of toxic chemicals.  Common toxic ingredients include parabens (propylparaben, ethylparaben, methylparaben), alcohols, mineral oil, other petroleum products, and aluminum.  And if you happen to get your favorite scent, the ingredient “fragrance” will also be listed.  These ingredients are linked to many health issues, hormone disruption and actually don’t assist in moisturizing your skin.

We also need to remember that the skin is the largest organ in the body.  What you apply lotion onto your skin it will be absorbed directly into the blood stream.  Since our skin is a large surface area, that’s a lot of chemicals being dumped into our bodies.

So instead of buying chemical filled lotions, making your own with natural ingredients is a much healthier alternative.  And like many homemade household alternatives, you will save some dollars.  This recipe is so easy and I love how the bars feel on my skin.  I’ve made homemade body butter in the past.  It’s nice, but can leave an oily feel.  The body lotion bars are moisturizing and absorb right into your skin.

I also like that these bars have a good consistency at all temperatures.  Using coconut oil is great for your skin, but as we all know in warm temperatures can turn to a liquid.  This bar kept its “bar” consistency even on a hot day.

So here’s how to make your own lotion bars:

1/2 cup coconut oil
1/2 cup shea butter
1/2 cup bees wax
10 drops of your favorite oil.


Create a double boiler by filling a pan with water and placing a glass bowl on top or a jar inside.  Put all the ingredients, except the oils, in the bowl or jar and begin the melting process.  Stir occasionally to encourage all the oils melting.  Coconut oil will melt first, then shea butter and last the bees wax.

When melted, remove the bowl or jar from the heat.  Now you can add your oils.  The last batch I made I used the “Gentle Baby” oil so I can use it on my son.  In the past, I’ve enjoyed adding the citrus oils.  Get creative at this step.  Choose your favorite oil or combination of oils.

Then it’s time to pour your melted lotion bar mix into mold.  You can use a muffin tin with liners, silicone molds or line a glass dish with wax paper.   Leave out on the counter until your lotion bars are completely hard and cooled.  Once cooled, it’s time to remove the bars.  If you used the glass dish with wax paper, this is the time to cut the bars with a knife.

I keep the extra bars in the refrigerator because it’s cool and dark.  Bars that I am using I store in a glass container in my bathroom.