Linen Spray with Core Essential Oil

My bedroom is my favorite place to relax.  It’s my quite place to read, journal and meditate.  Especially after a busy day.  I just want to shut off the noise of the world and enjoy some peace and quiet before I go to sleep.

What I use to make my relaxation time extra enjoyable is linen spray.  Yes, I know it seems a bit of an indulgent but relaxing around amazing smells is so comforting and grounding.  And heck, after a crazy day I feel like I deserve a bit of pampering.  Using linen spray is my way of doing that.

Something so fabulous to the senses is so easy to make.  Here are the instructions to make your own luxurious linen spray.

Combine the following in a spray bottle:

2 oz witch hazel or vodka

4 oz water

10-15 drops essential oils of Core Essential Oil  (Or another relaxing or soothing essential oil)

I am choosing the Core Essential Oil blend because it is extremely grounding.    This oil blend features Atlas cedar, Spruce, Ho Leaf, Blue Tansy, Frankincense, and Chamomile.   If your goal is to read or get into a deep mediation, the Core Essential Oil blend will allow you to turn inward and cancel out the noise of the day.

Shake up the bottle before use. I keep a bottle right next to my bed.  I also use this when I have company staying over at my house.  This added touch is a great way to welcome them to my home.