The BIG 3! Building Lean Muscle Mass

The Big 3 !

Building Lean Muscle Mass

You hear and see the term “lean muscle” everywhere you go in the health and fitness industry.

If you are a Wild Workouts & Wellness client or have ever participated in one of our weight loss challenges, odds are you’ve heard our trainers say “lean muscle mass” about a dozen times.

But what is lean muscle? What is the trainer talking about and how do you get it?

Lean muscle is muscle without fat. It’s not exactly a scientific term, it’s more of an unofficial definition. When you gain lean muscle mass, you are essentially building up your muscles while at the same time NOT increasing the level of fat in your body.

How do you gain lean muscle mass?

That’s the million dollar question isn’t it? The truth of the matter is that there are a thousand ways to do it.

Pretty much every workout, whether its aerobic or anaerobic, is designed to build lean muscle mass. But the way to get better results is to combine healthy nutrition with your workout. Exercise and good nutrition are the double-edged sword you need to maximize your body’s ability to gain lean muscle mass.

So what kind of things can you change in your diet to help pull your fat ratio down and push your muscle ratio up?

Obviously you want to avoid the burgers and tacos, but there are THREE primary nutrition elements you can incorporate that most people overlook.

  1. Lactose-Free Whey Protein

Muscles are made of fibrous material consisting of proteins. When you workout, you are essentially breaking your muscles down, and in response, your body sends additional protein to help build the muscle back up. By boosting your protein intake, you’re giving your body the tools to help build your muscles back up.

Whey protein provides essential amino acids (the stuff that protein is made of) and doesn’t come from any other outside sources like egg or soy so it’s allergy friendly.  It releases quickly into the body and is best for fast, efficient muscle support. Lactose-free whey protein is put through an extra filtration process to ensure that all the lactose is removed so that the protein itself will have no barriers when getting to the muscles. It’s around 90 percent pure protein and is virtually fat free.

  1. Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

CLA is a naturally occurring fatty acid.

Wait…aren’t we trying to decrease our fat ratios? Why would we want to take an additional fatty acid into our bodies? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose?

Those are the kinds of thoughts that have caused CLA to be overlooked as an important contributor to gaining lean muscle mass. In reality, experts recommend 1.4 to 3.0 grams of CLA per day to achieve body fat loss.

CLA is connected to Omega-6 fatty acids, a type of essential fatty acid found in most meat and dairy products. However, CLA isn’t as easy to get from a regular diet as other Omega-6 fatty acids are. That’s because it’s usually found in very low levels in regular food. This means that in order to get the CLA that you need to burn fat, you need to additional CLA as a supplement.

  1. Green Tea

Green tea has been used in most eastern cultures as a medicinal herb for literally thousands of years. Not only does it support your immune system and your liver, but it’s also an effective herb for supporting weight management.

The antioxidant that is responsible for making green tea an effective weight-loss tool is called epigallocatechin gallate (or, EGCG. EGCG), like CLA is a metabolism booster that helps the body use up fat stores as energy. Particularily, fat that is located in the lower belly.

Green tea’s natural caffeine levels offer an increase in energy that helps the body work harder. This combination of natural caffeine and EGCG make green tea another important element in building lean muscle mass because it pushes up the muscle ratio and pulls down the fat ratio at the same time.

Where you can get all three of them?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get ALL THREE in one place? You can!

Nutri-Burn® by Nature’s Sunshine is one of the few places that you can get lactose-free whey protein, CLA, and green tea extract all in one convenient package.

This is why Wild Workouts & Wellness carries it EXCLUSIVELY as our protein powder of choice.


Nutri-Burn® is formulated with a beneficial “burner blend” to help boost energy levels, promote lean muscle mass and fat burning.

Additionally, Nutri-Burn® contains plant enzymes that help break down protein molecules into smaller, better-absorbed amino acids. It also contains one gram of prebiotic fiber per serving to help support gut health.

Of course, you can always find other protein shakes to take, but by containing ALL THREE nutritional components just mentioned, Nutri-Burn® is the ideal tool for building lean muscle mass and decreasing your fat to muscle ratio.

What is all comes down to…

You can’t think of lean muscle mass as a better looking butt or bigger biceps. You have to think of lean muscle mass as a balancing act between your muscle to fat ratios. The only way that you can get the lean muscle mass that you want is to incorporate proper nutrition practices along with a sensible exercise routine.

Even the best diet in the world can still lack some of the nutrients you need to bring your muscle:fat ratio to where it needs to be. That’s where Nutri-Burn® comes in. It fills the holes in our nutrition that diet alone leaves behind.

Whether you are a Wild Workouts & Wellness client or not,

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