June Home Workout

Our Lead Trainer Coach Carla has put together another awesome home workout for the month of June.

These workouts use minimal equipment and can be done at your home or while your traveling.  Make sure to watch the video to see how to do the exercises correctly.


Warm Up
Squat Reach
Plank Walkout Alternating Twist
Side to Side Lunge
Circuit #1: Set timer to 20 minutes. See how many rounds you can complete.
10 Swooping Push Ups or Plank Downward Dog
10 Burpee Jacks or Jumping Jacks
20 Reverse Lunges  (10 on each leg)
10 Plank “grinders”
*optional short sprint before starting next round
Circuit #2: 2-3 rounds
15 Alternating V-up
15 Scapular Push Ups
15 Body Roll Ups

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