Jump Rope Training

When was the last time you jumped rope? Most of us have flashbacks of jump rope for heart or recess on the playground. Well, it’s time to bring your jump rope out of hibernation and back into your workouts.

Jumping rope is inexpensive. You can pick up a jump rope for $5 to $15 at any sporting goods store. Jump ropes travel easy so that you can bring them to the gym or the park. There are way too many benefits and too few excuses not too incorporate jumping rope into your workout routine

The Benefits

Jumping rope is a great form of cardiovascular exercise. The more skilled you get, the faster you can jump increasing the intensity. You can do interval training jumping rope by doing intense periods of jumping with rest breaks. Circuit training is another way to incorporate jumping ropes into your workout routine.

Jumping rope is great for coordination.   Many of the young athletes I coach have a lot of skill but struggle with coordination. Timing and rhythm is developed through jumping rope. This is great for kids and adults who want to improve coordination and proprioception.

Quickness and agility are skills that are emphasized when jumping rope.   Your feet can’t rest on the ground, they need to be light and quick so you can achieve consecutive jumps in a row.

Jumping rope is great for enhancing a midfoot strike for runners. Heal striking is like putting the breaks on with every stride. Midfoot striking is more energy efficient and easier on your body. When you are making the transition from heal to midfoot striking, use jumping rope as a form drill. Do this a couple times a week to become more comfortable and stronger with landing on your midfoot.


It’s true that when you don’t use it, you lose it. The same thing happens with jumping rope. If it’s been years since you touched a jump rope here’s the progression to take.

I have many people fake jump rope when they want to venture into jumping rope. Focus on jumping lightly on the balls of your feet. Your hands are holding a pretend jump rope and making rotations at your sides. You are working on getting back that muscle memory of rhythmic jumping.

Once you master the fake jump rope, grab a real jump rope and start breaking records. ry to do as many consecutive jumps in a row. In the beginning it may be 6 jumps. Next time you jump rope, try to beat that record. Each time you grab your jump rope, try to set a new record until you can jump 50 consecutive times in a row.

Now it’s time to incorporate jumping rope into your interval and circuit training workouts. It’s also time to experiment with various styles of jumping rope.

Getting Fancy

If you’re looking to improve your jump rope game, here are a few fun ways to change up your jump rope style.

Multi-directional jump rope is a fun way to move around versus just jumping in place. Start with jumping side to side when you are jumping rope. Next, experiment with jumping forward and back. Once you master the previous mentioned methods, try jumping in all four directions.

Single leg jump rope is a great single leg strengthening exercise. Unilateral exercises are a great way to see what side of your body is stronger. Start standing on one foot and begin to jump rope. See how many jumps you can do on one side. Switch sides and compare the amount of times you jump. Work on making the jumps you do on each leg equal.

Cris cros jump rope brings me back to my childhood because this was a tough trick to master. Start jumping rope with two feet. After a few jumps try crossing the ropes in front of your body while you jump over the rope. The next jump should be with the ropes uncrossed. Keep alternating jumps with crossing the ropes and uncrossing the ropes.

Double under jump rope requires more height to your jump and faster arm speed to move the rope.   The goal of this move is that you get the jump rope under your body twice while only jumping once.   When attempting the double under, try it every fifth jump. Work up to doing the double under consecutive times in a row.

The Workout Circuit

Jumping rope can be a great addition to your workout circuit. Here is an example of a home workout circuit that can incorporate jumping rope.

10 Push-Ups
10 Burpees
10 Squats
100 Jumps with your jump rope
Rest 60sec
Repeat 3 to 5 rounds

Now it’s time to dust off that jump rope and use it! I’d love to hear how you incorporate a jump rope into your workout routine.