I was wrong about this….

When it comes to the topic of post-workout nutrition I was totally wrong about it.

See, I really didn’t think it mattered.  So I never ate anything right after a hard workout. I figured as long as I ate something later in the day  I would be fine.  I was sure wrong about this.  Let me explain…

Last night I met with some friends around 6:30pm to do an interval workout.  I was nervous.  Not because I knew that I was out of shape and would be super sore after the workout.  Because a part of me was afraid that I would be wide awake the middle of the night.  See, this use to happen to me all the time.  I’d do a hard workout or race in the evening and I know I’d be all jazzed and awake some time around 2am.

But this time I did something different.  Right after the workout, I ingested a drink with a blend of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.  Once I arrived home, I followed it up with a healthy dinner of smart carbohydrates, fats and proteins.  And guess what? I slept deep and sound last night. (Well, as deep as you can sleep with a 4 1/2 month year old.)  What did I do different?  I consumed a post-workout drink IMMEDIATELY after I was done.

So, did this drink contain magical sleep aids to help me snooze?  No.  But the nutrition right after my tough workout supported my muscle recovery and balanced my hormones.   Let’s break this down.

Workouts are a positive stress on the body to create favorable adaptations and changes to make us healthier and more fit.  In simpler terms, we sweat to look and feel better.  However, this is still a stress on the body.  So often, we do a hard workout only to go hours after without eating in hopes of creating a caloric deficit.  This backfires on us because the long time of not eating after the workout only creates more stress.

Long term chronic stress is no-good for fat loss, recovery, sleep and overall health.  So we need to create a positive balance when we workout.  We need to train hard, train smart and fuel right after.  Think about it as yin and yang.  Exercise means to take something out.  Good post-workout nutrition is about putting something back in.  Of course, we put back in a healthy balance of macronutrients so that our muscles recover and our stress hormones get in check.

A good balance of easily digestible proteins, carbohydrates and fats can help:

Improve muscle recovery

Increase your immunity

Increase lean muscle

Decrease cravings later in the day

Decrease body fat

Decrease muscle soreness

Decrease cortisol

That’s why I decided to offer Nutri-Burn at the gym.  It’s an easy to mix, tasty post-workout or meal replacement drink.  It’s an easy way to get better results after your tough workouts at Wild.


If you’re concerned about cutting extra calories, then make healthier choices at other meals.  Pass up the donut at the office meeting and know that you’re post workout nutrition calories will only help you get the best results possible.

I now realize firsthand how important post-workout nutrition.  I wanted to share my experience with all of you so you don’t make the same mistake.