My Home Gym

Actually I call my home gym the “Woman Cave”.   See, my husband basically claimed the living room as his “Man Cave” when he had the big TV mounted on the wall. So I needed to claim a space for me in the home.   The basement had the perfect amount of space to establish a home gym.

Yes, I do own a gym. It’s filled with awesome equipment that I love to play with.   But I enjoy having a home space for exercise, too. See, I really do love to exercise. It’s been a part of my life for many years. It’s more than just a caloric burn. It’s time to be with myself and my thoughts. I love working out in a community setting getting energized and motivated by the group. But exercise is also a sacred time for me, where I connect with my self and get grounded.  So I am very thankful to have the best of both worlds.

My “Woman Cave” is simple and efficient. I don’t have a ton of room for machines and large equipment.  Which does not bother me because bulky equipment is not my style of working out. I’ll go through what’s in my home gym so you can have an idea of how to put your own functional training space together.

Rubber Flooring – I really appreciate high quality flooring. I enjoy working out barefoot, doing body weight exercises, lying on the floor and throwing things.   Rubber flooring provides comfort for me and protects my basement floor. It’s also easy to clean.

Foam Roller – I am a huge fan a rolling before my workout to prepare my body to move. Like many of you, I do sit at the computer for part of my day. I have a large and small foam roller.  I use them to roll different parts of my body and for a few exercises.

Medicine Balls – Grab a medicine ball and you can perform a total body workout. This piece of equipment is so versatile since it can be used for lower body, upper body, core, balance, and dynamic exercises.

Kettlebell – I’m biased here because I love kettlebells. There are just so many exercises you can perform with a kettlebell and you get a heck of a workout. Just like the medicine ball, you can grab one kettlebell and work your entire body.

Bands and Band Attatchment – Bands are great for a home gym, as well as travel. Like the equipment I have previously mentioned, bands are versatile in application. Bands can amplify a traditional pushup or help support a lunge. The exercise selection is endless, preventing boredom. I suggest the band attachment to expand your exercise selection. A band attachment will help protect your band so it lasts a long time. 

TRX – At home or on the road, the TRX is compact and portable. Suspension training is unique and stimulates your muscles in a different way. Suspension trainers can be used for total body training. (I hope you are noticing a theme with all my home equipment selection.) I attach my home TRX to the top of the door way and take it down when I am done. The simplicity and functionality makes this piece of equipment a must have for a home gym.

Stability Ball – The stability ball is so basic, yet truly amazing. I’ve been using stability balls for years and love them. Instead of having a bench in my home gym, I use the stability ball. The stability ball provides balance training , core strength, mobility and more. When you’re not working out, throw your stability ball in your home office or living room and use it as a chair.

Jump Rope – When it comes to cardio, the jump rope is where it is at. A jump rope takes up minimal space and is portable. Use it for interval training, coordination training, or part of your strength training circuit. Read my article about Jump Rope Training for tips to incorporate a jump rope in your workout.

Dumbbells – I do have a couple sets of dumbbells in my home gym. Honestly, this is not a must have, but I do enjoy using dumbbells for some exercises. I don’t have the room for a giant set of dumbbells, but the few I have are sufficient.

That’s it! When I choose exercise equipment for my home gym it needs to be functional, versatile, and compact. I recommend you do the same. No need to buy the latest jumbo gym machine that will just collect dust. Keep it simple and make sure you get down there and use it.

Commit to doing at least 10 minutes of exercise in your gym. Once you get into it, you won’t want to stop at 10 minutes. You’ll want to keep going. If you do stop at 10 minutes that is 10 minutes more than you would have done.

Keep your workouts simple. If you are a client at Wild Workouts and Wellness, each month you get an home workout and video to do on your own.  Don’t feel compelled to do the latest and greatest exercises. One of my favorite workout circuits is the 5 for 5 workout. Here is a link to the 5 for 5 workout

 A few things in my Woman Cave that did not mention is a yoga mat, my bike trainer, and a balance board. I really don’t use the yoga mat because I have a rubber floor. I have a bike trainer because I like endurance sports and cycling. The balance board someone gave me a long time ago.

So make a space at home dedicated to exercise. Use these tips and slowly design your workout cave. (Feel free to name it whatever you like.)

Home Gym 2 Cody and Kettlebell