Grocery Store Garbage

Yesterday afternoon, when I got done with a bike and run I was thirsty.  And I was craving cherries.  Usually that would mean a stop to the Outpost, but I was not in my neighborhood.  So I just went to a regular commercial grocery store.  I walked in grabbed a big bag of cherries and some Fiji water and stood in line to check out.


As I was standing in line, I could not help but look at what people were buying and not buying.  The woman in front of me, she had 5 Lean Cuisine Meals, skim pastuerized milk, whole grain bread, diet soda, and string cheese.  No raw, whole food at all.  The woman and son behind me had a cart load of prepackaged meals, soda, and not any raw fruits and vegetables.

And it got me thinking.  Do these people realize all the chemicals, cheap plant oils, and processed carbohydrates they are eating?  Do they realize the amount of sodium in these processed foods?  Do they realize that these packaged fake foods are leading them down a path of illness and obesity?  And what is the reason for making these purchases?  Is it time?  Is it money?  Is it lack of knowledge?  Is it laziness?  Is it just wanting convenience?

But instead of feeling sad or frustrated, I left feeling inspired that there are more people who need our help.  There’s more people who need to learn about easy and convenient ways to eat whole foods and the rewards that come along with it.  Rewards?  You bet!  Feeling energized, mental focus, no bloating, sleeping well, and the list goes on.

We’re at a tough time that we just can’t purchase anything in our grocery stores and assume it’s ok for us.  It’s just not going to cut it.  Quality of food matters so much.  Think about it, the food you eat is the building blocks of your skin, muscles, bones, organs and hormones.  Not only that, but the food you eat can also effect your hormones and neurotransmitters.    It’s not just calories in and calories out.  The food you eat fuels your body, mind, and spirit!!

It’s time to drop some truth bombs, crew!  And that’s just what we’re going to do at Wild Workouts and Wellness.  Help people get beyond they fitness and nutrition myths so once and for all they can lose weight, get healthy, and live an active life.