Go Egg-less for Breakfast

When it comes to breakfast, eggs are the go to food.  Go out for brunch and eggs are on the menu in omelets, quiches, and made your way.  Eggs are an inexpensive and easy item to prepare for a breakfast at home or on the go.   I like eggs.  Eggs are natures perfect little package of protein and fat.  Eggs also provide choline which boost brain health and supports pregnancy.  Eggs are egg-cellent for your eyes because they provide the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin.  Eggs are a great alternative when you are looking to ditch the grains, cereals, and breads in the morning.

But eggs aren’t for everyone and should not be consumed everyday.

Eggs are one of the top 7 foods that most people have or can develop a food sensitivity.  A food sensitivity is a slow  allergic reaction, an IgG reaction, that causes low levels of inflammation.  Low levels of inflammation can lead to continued weight gain, joint pain, memory fog, digestive issues and more.  If you’re the person that eats eggs every day, you put yourself at higher risk of developing a food sensitivity.  This happens because of daily exposure to the same proteins, developing leaky gut and your body having to create the same antibodies daily.  Also if you are not eating pasture eggs, then you are also getting high doses of Omega-6 fats which lead to inflammation and sluggish thyroid performance.

You don’t have to ditch eggs forever if you have an egg sensitivity.  Just take out eggs for 3 weeks and slowly add them back in.  If you do not have any negative symptoms, eggs can be part of your diet again.   Just be sure to rotate eggs in your diet every 4th day so you don’t develop a sensitivity again.

The other days, you need to go egg-less.   I know, panic has sunk in.  My advice to you is to get the idea of breakfast foods out of your head.  Any food can be consumed at breakfast time.   Here are 5 egg-free breakfast ideas that you can incorporate in your weekly meal plan.

Smoked Salmon
I put my favorite on top.  I love smoked wild salmon for breakfast.  Eat it as is or with some veggies on the side.  I do a smoked salmon roll up with guacamole in the middle.

Breakfast sausage
This is what I like to bring to work when I eat at the gym.  I make a bunch of breakfast sausage patties on the weekend.  Varieties like lamb, turkey or pork are all good.  Since I’m an avocado junkie, I will eat my sausage with avocado.  Breakfast sausage is also good on top of Bubbies Sauerkraut.

Your smoothie needs to be a meal and not packed full of fruit.  Mix in your favorite protein mix, veggies or green powder, a fat (like avocado), berries (not bananas), seasonings (cinnamon), liquid (coconut milk, water, or coconut water), and ice.    A mix like this one, creates satiety and performance power.

Chicken, Bacon and Apple Hash
Yes, chicken thighs for breakfast.  Eat this as your breakfast and you will not have cravings or hunger pains until it is lunch time.  Bacon in first, followed by boneless, skinless chicken thighs and during the last few minutes add a chopped green apple.   Make a big batch and divide up for the week.

Turkey or Chicken Breast, BLT.
This is a great use for left overs.  Make lettuce wraps with bacon, tomato and leftover turkey or chicken.  If you’re an avocado nut like me, add a bit of avocado to the wrap.  You can assemble before or at location.

Variety not only keeps your taste buds happy, but your body healthy and lean.  Often I hear people say they are bored eating the same foods.   Well stop eating the same foods and try these recipes.  Problem solved.