Get Radical with Ropes

Over the past few years, I’ve seen a change in the gym scene.  Instead of using traditional strength training machines, I’m seeing a shift to using non traditional exercise equipment.  This trend started with the stability ball as a way to use an unstable surface and challenge core muscles.  Now the use of non traditional exercise equipment has exploded and gyms are scattered with equipment like sandbags, tires, clubs and ropes.

I know you have seen the big ropes at your gym.  Are you suppose to use them for a workout or for some type of manual labor?

I want to show you how to get radical with ropes and amp up the intensity of your workouts.  That’s what will happen when you ditch the machines and grab some ropes.  Rope exercises engage multiple muscle groups and get your heart rate pumping.  Ever hear of HIIT (high intensity interval training)?  You can set up a high intensity interval workout circuit with ropes.

The biggest hurdle when it comes to grabbing the ropes is not knowing how to use them  to gain the benefits of a challenging total body conditioning workout.  Set up is easy.   Stretch the rope out so that the two handles are at one end and the “U” part of the rope is secured.  Once your ropes are set up, it’s time to make some waves.

Check out this video of the basic rope waves that you can implement when you start using ropes.

After watching this video you might be having flash backs of grade school double dutch.  But as a caution, don’t play double dutch with these type of ropes.  It would really hurt to miss a jump.

In the next video, Coach Kate is going to show you how to use the ropes with a lateral squat jump.  You’ll notice an increase in your heart rate with the added squat jump plyometric exercise.  The lateral movement will challenge your neuromuscular system as you control balance and hip stabilization.  If you don’t jump, then just step to the side to get into your squat.


You don’t always have to use both ends of the rope when you are exercises.  Using the rope with a side lunge creates a unilateral exercise where you focus on one side of the body.  Don’t be fooled because the other side of your body is working on balance.


Looking to change up your burpee?  Then check out this exercise that combines rope waves and a burpee.  For all of you die-hard burpee fans, this one is for you.

Enjoy the challenges that ropes and other nontraditional gym equipment has to offer.  Don’t be afraid to step away from the exercise machines and try something different.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised how something simple likes ropes will amplify your workout intensity and results.