Gena Gonzales

Gena has achieved some AMAZING RESULTS since she’s started with Wild Workouts and Wellness.  The proof is in her Before & After photo!  Gena has lost 15lbs in just 4 months and she has lost 5% body fat!  Incredible!  We asked Gena a few questions about her experience with Wild and here is what she had to say:

Q:  What made you decide that you wanted/needed to start Wild Workouts and Wellness?
A:  I was under a lot of stress, gaining weight, and having a hard time controlling after work cravings.  I wanted to make a change and knew I needed a place that I felt more personal and had a supportive environment.

Q:  What results have you achieved since starting Wild Workouts and Wellness?
A:  I definitely feel better.  Better sleep, less stress and more confidence.  I have lost weight and I am more fit than I have been in many years.  I can run around and have even more fun with my four year old son!

Q:  What do you like best about Wild and having a trainer?
A:  It’s great to have coaches and a leader who know you, talk to you and help you with your specific needs.  I also like getting to know some of the other WILD members.  It is more like being a part of a fitness community.

Q:  What would you say to someone that is on the fence about joining our program?
A:  Just Do It!  That’s what I had to tell myself.  Take the chance, fork out the money and make a commitment to a healthier YOU.  It’s worth it in SO many ways.  I’m glad I did!


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