Food Delivery Saves Time and Helps With Meal Planning

This healthy eating tip can help you save time on grocery shopping, decrease food waste, and help with meal preparation.

It kinda sounds like a miracle.

Well, some weeks it is.  See, I get my produce delivered to my house each week from Brewer’s Organics.

Honestly, I was hesitant about getting my produce delivered each week.  Heck, I live a few blocks from Outpost Natural Foods.  But after Frank was born I welcomed the convenience of a boxed produce delivery to my doorstep.  Not only did I love the quality of produce but I was pleasantly surprised how it helped with my healthy eating efficiency.

Here’s how it works…..

On Saturday morning I log into my Brewer’s Organic Account.  On the screen I see what would be in my standard produce box delivery.  Now comes the cool part.  I can swap out any of the produce that I don’t want for something that I do want.  I love having the flexibility to “shop” and choose what I want online.

I can also add in extra produce, eggs or meat.  Some weeks I add in the extras and other weeks I don’t.

After I get my order situated, then I meal plan for the week.  My meals centralize around the produce picked and the meat in my freezer.  Then I make a short list of items I need to get from the grocery store.

On Wednesday morning, I open my front door to see my Brewer’s Organics box.  It’s like a little present each week.  I open the box and unpack all the delicious food.

I’m often asked, “Do you use all the produce?”  Yes.  I use it all.  My refrigerator is less packed using the produce delivery versus buying random produce at the grocery store.  And because I have a plan, I use everything.  Nothing goes to waste or just goes bad.

Speaking of the grocery store, I make far less trips now that I have a produce delivery from Brewer’s Organics.  This saves tons of time.  It also saves extra money.  Because when I go to the grocery store extra things always seem to jump into my cart.  It’s like my cart is magnetic and attracts extra things I really don’t need.  It’s a mystery.

I encourage you to try out Brewer’s Organics.  Use the code “WILDWORKOUTS” to save 50% off your first produce order.

Use my outlined strategy above of ordering, planning and preparing to save time and money with your produce delivery from Brewer’s Organics.

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