Fill Your Glass

I put a post on Facebook about this topic the other day.  I asked the question, “What do you do to fill your glass?”  I included the image above.

With the busy holiday season upon us, I think it’s important to keep this top of mind.  As we prepare and get ready for gift exchanges and holiday events, it’s easy to go into overdrive and end up feeling depleted.

So what does it mean to “fill your glass”? Well, it’s doing things that support your well-being.  Eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep, scheduling time to exercise, getting in some meditation, or soaking in an epsom salt bath are all ways that you could fill your glass.

Why do we need to keep our glass full?  Because when it comes to giving to others, we can’t give from an empty glass.  And giving to others is what this holiday season is all about.  We can’t give as much love when our glass is empty.  We can’t be as present with others when our glass is empty.  We can’t be as joyous when our glass is empty.  We can’t kick butt and take names when our glass is empty.  We’re on EMPTY.  Leaving nothing to give.  And when we try to give from a place of being empty we feel resentment.

If we don’t take the conscious effort to fill our glass with positive efforts, then we start to notice negative patterns creeping up in our life.  See, when our glass is empty for too long we are desperate to find something to fill it.  Emotional eating, over-drinking alcohol, staying up late at night to watch TV, and other unhealthy vices creep in to satisfy our need to fill our glass.  The sad truth is that these negative fillers don’t truly fill our glass.  We get a drop or too, but soon find ourselves feeling empty again.

So during this holiday season and always, focus on keeping your glass full.  Do things that support your well-being.  Carve out time and make appointments specifically to nurture yourself.  Remember, this is extremely important so that you can be at your best each day.  When you are at your best each day, you’ll be able to give your best too!