Don’t let the scale ruin your success

I’ve been in the fitness industry for 12 years.  I’ve worked with hundreds of clients.  There are times that I remember training a client, having an awesome workout and then finishing with measurements and body weight.  I’ve seen a great mood and hour of exercise erased by not seeing an “ideal” number on the scale.

The scale would basically ruin their day.

Even though they did more push-ups, their clothes are loser or they can keep up with their kids.  That is all forgotten because the number on the scale did not change or even went up.

Thank goodness that are working with me because I help them step off the ledge of sabotage.  So often, this moment can break people.  All that hard work and dedication gets thrown away and it’s back to old unhealthy habits.   How did I get them off the ledge of sabotage? Did I schedule an intervention?  Well, kind of.

We sat down and talked about non-scale victories.  The victories that really exemplify good health and living life to the fullest.

What are some of the non-scale victories?  Well, there can be hundreds of improvements that we see besides the scale.  It’s based on where we started from.   That is why I encourage clients to write down all the health improvements they’d like to see when they start their journey.  If they are stuck on what they want, then write down all the things that are bothering them and ruining their current state of health.

So back to those non-scale victories.  Here are a few ideas:

Your clothes are looser
Waking up in the morning is easier.
You stepped on ice and did not fall dow.
You easily carried your grandchild upstairs for bedtime.
You can do more pushups than last month.
You can take the stairs at work without losing your breath.
You went out to eat with friends and ordered a healthier menu option.
Your cholesterol is down.
Your lower back no longer hurts.
Your acid reflux is gone.

Theses are just few examples.  I hope you can see from this list that the non-scale victories are the moments that we notice our life becoming fuller.  Where limitations start to dissolve and we can do more than we could before.

See, everyBODY is different.   We are all uniquely built and beautiful.   We need to ditch the stereotypical images of what we should look like and embrace how amazing our body is.  And here is a secret….

When we change our focus from what is wrong with us to what is right with us, then we shift our mind from a diet mentality to a health mentality.  A diet mentality is short term.  It focuses on deprivation and leads to the yo-yo cycle of weight loss and weight gain.  A diet mentality only sees what we are not.  A health mentality is long term.  It’s about taking a journey and achieving sustainable health that lasts.  A health mentality celebrates who and what we are becoming.

A health mentality is loving.  A health mentality uses the excitement of non-scale victories to catapult long term body and health changes.

Celebrate your beauty, your individuality and your success on your own health journey.

My friend and client Mary, owner of In-focus photography helps people celebrate their own beauty with photographs.  Read Mary’s blog on how you can celebrate your fitness journey and yourself:

If you’re someone who has avoided photos because you criticize yourself or only see “faults”, then I challenge you to do this.  Get a photo taken and find all the beauty and celebrate the non scale victory of your health journey.

Health is more than a number on a scale.  You are more than a number on a scale.   It’s time to embrace each awesome step we take to be the healthiest and happiest version of ourselves.