Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

My question today is, has fear ever stood in the way of you doing or getting something you wanted?  If you answered yes, you are not alone.  Feeling fear is normal when you don’t know the outcome or have encountered past failures.  You’ll also feel fear when you are uncertain of the journey and what is on the other side.  

I wonder how many bucket list items never happen because fear got in the way.  

So what do you do when feelings of fear, doubt, or questioning fill your head and your heart?  Here are a couple ways to get rid of the fear and find the freedom to achieve your goals.

Find the “why” behind your goals.

Why do you want to achieve a particular goal?  That is an important question to answer.  If you don’t have a big enough “why” well then you probably won’t stick it out to achieve your goal.  You need to dig deep and personal about why you need to reach this goal.  This is about you and your personal journey.  Don’t do it for your spouse or anyone else.  Do it for you.  Find out the reason this goal makes your heart flutter in your chest.  

Get support.

You don’t have to go it alone to achieve your goals.  Surrounding yourself with others on the same journey can be very powerful.  You’ll avoid feelings of isolation when working with a group.  You’ll feed off the group’s energy and motivation.  You’ll have shoulders to lean on for support when the going gets tough.  When we know that “we are not alone” it lessens the fear and anxiety of taking the needed steps to start and stay on track with your goal.  

Get a mentor

Work with someone who has already taken the journey.  Find someone with education, experience, and tools to guide you to success.  Don’t reinvent the wheel and lengthen the time it will take you to reach your goal.  Using a coach or mentor will speed up your education so you learn faster and get where you want to go sooner.  

Get a plan of action

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

Having a plan to follow, a road map, can be a useful tool in eliminating fear.   Fear comes in when we start to say “I don’t know” to all the questions that pop up.  When you have a plan, you know what you are suppose to do and when.  Especially in the beginning, we need to have a plan to follow as we are learning.  A plan takes a lot of pressure off of ourselves so we don’t always have to be in the drivers seat.  We can just let go and follow the instructions.  

So look at that bucket list and see what you want to tackle?  Pick a goal that sings to your heart and follow the steps above to make it happen.