Ditch This and Watch Your Waist Line Shrink

Nutrition is evolving folks.  It’s not about this food has this vitamin or this food has fiber.  No, nutrition is now about how does the food you are eating react in your body. Quality is more important than quanity (not saying quanity isn’t important). We really need to think about WHAT we are eating instead of HOW many calories or points are in a food.

A few weeks ago, I was in a bass fishing tournament with my Dad. On the way up there, I was listening to the audiobook Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis. This was a gift that I got my parents for Christmas. Since listening to the audiobooks, both of my parents are gluten free and have noticed improvements in their health. So much that they have recommended it to others in our family and their friends.

Now I have always recommended ditching gluten, but now after listening to this book I STRONGLY recommend everyone being gluten free. The book Wheat Belly does an amazing job going through all of the science how wheat is toxic and damaging to the body. Get the audiobooks because this book goes into the depths of science so you can truly understand how dangerous it is to eat wheat and gluten.

I’m going to give you the simplified reason gluten and wheat are not only making you fat, but also leading to diabetes, cancer, heart disease and more.

Wheat is not the same wheat that was around back in the Bible days. Today’s wheat is genetically alterred increasing the glycemic load and inflammatory effect.

Wheat has a high level of a starch called amylopectic A, which sends your blood sugar soaring. Two slices of whole wheat bread has a greater impact on our blood sugar than two tablespoons of sugar. Going on the blood sugar roller coaster, causes huge fluctuations to our insulin levels which signal our body to store food as fat. White bread or whole grain bread both have today’s wheat in it and cause the same blood sugar and hormonal havoc in your body.

An interesting note I want to add here is about gluten free breads and products. Most of these are made with other super starches like potato starch, corn starch and tapioca starch. These starches also have a similiar effect on blood sugar and will inhibit weight loss. So don’t run off to the store to buy gluten free bread and think you are good to go. You’re not.

The gluten in todays wheat is very inflammatory and links to rheumatoid arthrits and other autoimmune problems. Gluten is made up of two proteins, glutenin and gliadin. Gliadin is the culprit protein of the two.  Gliadin acts like an opiate. When broken down into polypeptides, it crosses the blood brain barrier binding to opiate receptors. This in turns stimulates your appetite and causes addition. Can’t eat a couple pretzels, now you know why.

Gluten causes gut inflammation because many of us form antibodies to the gluten proteins. A healthy gut equals a healthy, happy body!  Gluten also can lead to leaky gut syndrome which allows bacterial proteins and undigested food particles in the blood stream. (Keep the food in your stomach). This also results in nutrients not being fully absorbed and nutritional deficiencies occurring.

So do you need to totally give up wheat to reap the health benefits, or can you just partially give it up?  Sorry, but this is an all in deal. Even small bits of gluten can have instant ramifications. From digestion, to keeping your wheat belly or having depression or moodiness. Eating wheat is just a no win situation.

I’m challenging you to give it a whirl for 1 month. You need a month because the first week to 10 days you’ll be going through withdraw symptoms. Then the rest of the month you reap the rewards of ditching gluten.

Here’s what I want you to do:

  1. Write down all the unhealthy conditions or aches and pains you are experiencing. Sometimes we forget and I want you to have a comparison from before and after.
  2. Weigh yourself before and after.
  3. Take your waist measurement before and after.

I’d love to hear how your month experiment goes. Now remember, don’t go out and buy all the gluten free snacks and products. That will not help you feel better. Give it an honest and dedicated 30 days. Then you decide, should I stay away from wheat?

Now I know some of my fellow Milwaukee folks out there are sweating right now. What about beer? Milwaukee and beer go hand and hand. Laverne and Shirley worked at Shotz Brewery. What does someone from Milwaukee do?


Well let me start out by saying that drinking alcohol is not healthy. However it’s very ingrained in our culture and I know that many people enjoy a drink on. But not the gluten moderation.

Substitute with a gluten free beer like New Grist (my family drinks this) or hard ciders. Especially during your month experiment getting away with gluten.

What about gluten free grains like rice, quinoa, oatmeal, and other varieties? I’m not a grain fan in general, but let’s just start with the wheat elimination and see how that goes first. It’s all about making small health improvements so you can sustain these for the long haul.

So who’s in for the month long challenge?  Please let me know how it goes.

Check out Wheat Belly (Click on the Image):