Dash to the Bash Recap

This past weekend we organized the very first Dash to the Bash.  And it was a ton of fun!!  As race host rookies, we learned a lot.  I have been a race participant for many years.  It was very fun to be on the other side being a race organizer.  I look forward to next year and for the 2nd Dash to the Bash in 2017.

It was a beautiful day to run and walk.  I loved that the course started on the Bash ground and took us into the beautiful Humboldt Park.  After the run, participants were able to head over and enjoy the Bash festivities.  And that was one of our goals going into this event….. to make the Bash an all day event.  Come early and enjoy everything the Bay View Bash has to offer.

Plus as a fitness family, we want to spread fitness fun to the community.  This event welcomed runners and walkers of all abilities.   For some, this was their first 5K EVER!  It’s always a joy to help support people in healthy activities and their goals.

And I have to send out a thank you to ALL the participants.  For our first year, I was very pleased with our turn out.  The Dash to the Bash is just an extension of the Bay View Bash fundraising efforts and 100% of the proceeds went to the Bay View Community Fund.

Our event was manually timed this year.  We had a little confusion at the end with handing finishing tags in.  Some participants did not hand in tags or handed them in not immediately after they finished.  So we do have most of the results, but not everyone’s.  We apologize if we missed you!  If you see a (W) by the name that stands for a walker.

Josie Karnes (W) 16:17
Sasha Karnes (W) 16:17
Alice Karnes (W) 16:18
Erick Torres 17:57
Brooke Gagliano (W) 19:44
Seth Mendez 19: 49
Chris Dwyer 21:01
Ilia Neuman 21:26
Jon Tobon 21:28
Greg Barta 22:20
Brice Swatz 22:42
Greg Borowski 22:50
Kathy Grohall (W) 23:03
Karla Hegna 23:12
Helene Rondorf (W) 23:25
Liz Hawkins 23:30
Audrey Steffes 23:38
Michael Affholder 23:47
Abs Mendez 23:58
Stephanie Jordan 24:07
Neto Atkinson 24:10
Maitlin Dwyer (W) 24:34
#45 24:52
Michael Blann 24:58
Charlie Urbanek 25:02
Hallie Knipple 25:07
Mel Blann 25:11
Mike Koscielak 25:27
Matt Heyne 25:56
Kevin Lewis 25:58
Jerry Bajczyk 25:59
Danaille Wood (W) 26:10
Randy Kossow 26:10
Natalie Frenn 26:31
Beth Rinjwelski 26:32
Evelyn Kossow 27:13
Michael Donnel 27:30
Jim Palacz 27:31
Nicole Palacz 27:31
Kelly Hempel 28:03
Melissa Doda 28:04
Anna Tobon 28:10
Laura Tobon 28:23
Dyann Eding 28:27
Tim Hull 28:27
Frank Johnson 28:35
Allison Gipp 28:50
Jen Kveton 28:58
Sharon Collopy 29:05
Kim Theno 29:11
Jordan Mendez 29:25
#56 29:33
Lindsay Tobon 29:44
Julie Weist 29:58
Carson Weist 29:58
Colin Weist 30:18
Kelsey McCarran 30:08
Suzy Pachtman 30:15
Mike Posco 30:16
Andrew Blann 30:23
Carmen Gagliano 30:15
Riley Garcia 30:56
Katie Fitzmayer 31:14
Robin Kappel 31:35
Becca Knaak 31:40
Lenore Burger 33:13
Katherine Affholder 33:13
Sara Boeck 37:37
Holly Steffes 39:16
Peggy Hauski 39:35