Couch to 5K Race Recap

It takes a lot of courage to start a new running program. There are always reasons to push it off: the time commitment, the physical challenge, fear of failure… the list goes on. So I give a lot of credit to our Wild Team for taking on the Couch to 5K program. They had the courage to start, and the dedication to finish, and it payed off– Big Time! The Rock ‘n Sole 5k was a huge success for our Wild runners. I’m so proud of their accomplishment! Congratulations to Robbi, Kelby, Kate, Audra, Heidi, Julie, Amy and Sarah for sticking with it to the end! Also congrats to Lenore and Cindy for their first 5K at the Rock ‘n’ Sole too!

In 8 weeks, Team Wild built up from running 2 minute intervals all the way to 3.1 miles. Wind, rain, bugs, hills, sore muscles… they ran through it all, and they were ready for the big race! Throughout the challenges, this group was so supportive and encouraging to one another– every step of the way. These ladies are all amazing teammates! It’s been an incredible journey, and a lot of fun training together!

So, back to race day: I’m still so excited with how well Team Wild ran at the Rock’ n’ Sole! Everyone did an excellent job pacing, and finished strong. They ran like pros! Each runner had their own goal in mind, whether it was a time to beat or to run the entire distance without stopping. They all knocked it out of the park! Everyone beat their goal and then some! Even though speed wasn’t the primary focus of our training, the end results were impressive. The finishing times all ranged from 28 to 34 minutes! Way to go team!

So the 5K gets crossed off the bucket list, but that doesn’t mean it’s over for our team. They are still meeting for group runs together, and continue to be great teammates and friends!

Congratulations Ladies! You are all an inspiration!