Community Day

On Saturday March 4th, we are opening our doors for the community to come and try a workout!

It’s Called Community Day!!

If you’ve always wanted to check out Wild Workouts and Wellness, here is your chance to enjoy a FREE workout.

So here’s the scoop……

Join us at our Small Group Facility at 3056 S. Delaware Avenue.

There are 2 times available: 10am and 11am

You want to join us?  Here’s what you need to do……

Fill out the form below.  You’ll get an email with a link to sign up for one of the two times available.

But don’t wait too long….

I have a limited number of spots available that day.  Once it’s full….It’s FULL.  If you’re feeling tired and sluggish from the winter, here is your chance to spring into shape.

And if you’re looking for more Wild Workouts, I’ll have a special opportunity for you to participate in our NEW Commit 2 Fit 21-Day Challenge Starting March 11th.