Commit 2 Fit 21-Day Challenge


I’m Kate, the General Manager at Wild Workouts and Wellness and I’m so excited to announce our NEW Commit 2 Fit 21-Day Challenge.

If you’re ready to feel confident and sexy when you look in the mirror then keep reading……. I designed this program just for you.  

See at one time, I was struggling to Commit to being Fit.

Let’s go back to 2011, I was a stay at home mom with two young kids and running a childcare business out of my home.  I gained weight with both of my pregnancies and was desperate to try to get it off.  So I started to play the Groupon Game.  I was bouncing around from gym to gym, program to program not seeing any results.

My friend Courtney told me about Wild Workouts and Wellness and I decided to do my first challenge.  After all this time… I FINALLY SAW RESULTS!! That challenge was exactly what I needed to get my weight loss journey started.  During the challenge I lost 15 pounds.  But I did not stop there.  I continued with Wild and lost over 65 pounds!!

Lost 70 lbs8.8 % body fat (1)

I know what it’s like to be frustrated with how your clothes fit.  Going up in sizes just sucks.  Plain and simple.

But I also know what it’s like to see success through a guided coached program, and that helped me Commit 2 Fit and get the weight off once and for all.

And here’s the thing…. Now that I’ve worked at Wild Workouts and Wellness for the past 4 years I’ve see hundreds of our clients commit to fit and get in the best shape of their lives….

If you’re not seeing results with your current workout routine or looking to bust through a plateau, it’s time to COMMIT 2 FIT!

Commit 2 Fit is Wild Workouts & Wellness BRAND NEW 21 Day Fitness Challenge unlike anything we have done before!

Commit 2 Fit will CHALLENGE you by pushing your fitness to the next level because its about increasing your training frequency with UNLIMITED workouts! Whether you are a beginner or a veteran to Wild’s Boot Camp workouts, you will be challenged with our specifically designed workouts with you in mind.

The Commit 2 Fit Challenge will have fitness testing workouts at the beginning & end of the Challenge, so you will SEE how your strength and stamina have increased in JUST 21 DAYS!

In addition, baseline measurements will also be recorded so you will KNOW how much fat you’ve dropped and how many inches you’ve shed!

If you Commit 2 Fit, we GUARANTEE you’ll see results using our:

  • Custom designed training session

  • Eat Wild nutrition guidelines

  • Superior supplement products

Check out some of the results from our previous Challenge’s! These are REAL PEOPLE, with REAL RESULTS. You could be next!

Dana P.Bev M


Here is how the 21-Day Commit 2 Fit Challenge Works:

1. Fill out the registration for below.  The Commit 2 Fit Challenge includes UNLIMITED Boot Camp workouts for just $149.    Since we want to see you in here working out multiple days of the week, and we only have so many spots in each class…We are only accepting 21 new participants in the Commit 2 Fit Challenge, so you need to sign up right away.  All of our challenges fill up to maximum capacity.  You don’t want to miss out.

3. Once we receive your payment, you will receive a series of emails to make sure you’re ready to get started.  (So make sure our emails are going to your inbox!)

4. The Challenge officially begins on Saturday March 11th.  All participants must come to the Commit 2 Fit Headquarters at at Wild Workouts and Wellness in Bay View for orientation on Saturday March 11th at 8am or 9 am for baseline measurements and information.

Register Below

Here are the other BONUSES You Will Receive:

► Your 21-Day Commit 2 Fit Guide & Orientation with our Team on March 11th at 8am or 9 am.

► Initial and Final Assessments, Guidance & Coaching

► Weekly email support and motivation

► Convenient online scheduling from over 30 Boot Camp workout times to meet your schedule needs.

► Complete 21-Day Nutrition and Exercise Guide for you to follow on your own or with our help (your choice).

► Sunday March 12th will kick-off our 1st Fitness Testing workout… think of it as your baseline strength & stamina, you won’t want to miss it!

►Tuesday March 14th will host a “5 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism” Workshop exclusive for Commit 2 Fit participants at 6:30pm.

► Sunday April 2nd will wrap up the Challenge with our final Fitness Testing day & finishing measurements. You’ll see just how much your strength & stamina has increased in just 21 Days!

► Commit to getting and staying fit in just 21 Days!

What You Can WIN:

► One Body Transformation Grand Champion will win 1 month of UNLIMITED Boot Camp and a Nutri-Burn Protein & Shaker Cup valued at $300.

► One Body Transformation Runner Up will win a Nutri-Burn Protein, Shaker Cup, 3 Detoxifying Sauna Sessions and a FREE Specialty Class valued at $225.

►One “Accountability” winner will win a Nutri-Burn Protein, Shaker Cup, 3 Detoxifying Sauna Sessions and a FREE Challenge valued at $225.

► The biggest prize of all, however, is the body transformation results you will achieve!


Click below to sign up for the Commit 2 Fit 21-Day Challenge, remember we are only taking 21 new participants in this Challenge so reserve your spot now!