Case Study: 28-Day Challenge Success

Wild Workouts and Wellness runs 4 Weight Loss Challenges every year.  And I have to say, the results are just amazing.

These challenges are great for our current clients because they provide a time frame of ultra focus.  Yes, our clients are always working toward their goals.  But during the challenges, our clients make huge leaps toward their weight loss and body transformation goals.

For someone new to Wild Workouts and Wellness, our challenges provide an opportunity to see what our gym is all about.  Yes, they get to sample workouts and nutrition plan to follow.  In addition, they receive our unmatchable community support system.  This network keeps our clients stay motivated and coming back for more.

So how successful are the Wild Weight Loss Challenges…..

Well let’s look at 3 recent Challenge Winners.

Kecia was the winner of our Resolution to Reshape Your Body Challenge.


Kecia used to be very active but eventually found herself at risk for diabetes.  From carrying the excess weight, Kecia’s body was always aching.  Her closet filled with clothes she has not been able to wear in the past 5 years.

The challenge proved to be the jump start Kecia needed to make a change.  During the 28-Day challenge Kecia lost 13.2 pounds.  Since the challenge, Kecia’s stomach isn’t cramping all the time.  In the past, she struggled to keep up with her step son’s activity.  Not anymore.  She went to Bounce Milwaukee for her step sons birthday.  She was able to climb all over the place and did not get winded during laser tag.  She did not want to day to end and had energy to keep going.

Our next winner is Sue!  Sue won the Best Body Challenge


Prior to the challenge, Sue was trying to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle on her own.  After a 6 month stall, she knew she needed to get some help.

With the expert coaching of Wild Workouts and Wellness, Sue was able to give up drinking diet coke.  And that was TOUGH!!  But by following our workouts and nutrition plan, Sue was seeing results right away.  So she stuck to it!

During this 28-Day Challenge, Sue lost 15.8 pounds.  It’s been many years since Sue saw that number on the scale. Her legs are thinner and she loves that she can now wear skinny jeans.  Sue’s cravings are gone and instead of living to eat, she eats to live!!

Another winner I’d like to highlight is Amy.  Amy won our Summer Slimdown Challenge.  


Amy is a mom of two darling girls, and found it difficult to exercise on her own and get motivated during the day. Once she started coming to Wild, she found the motivation and the accountability she was seeking.

During the 28-Day Challenge, Amy lost 9.6 pounds.  With a stressful job and little kids at home, Amy never could seem to make the time for to work out alone.  Her experience at Wild changed that.  The support and encouragement of Coaches really helped her get back into the exercise groove.

Of course, these are just the winners of the challenge.  There are so many more finishers that achieve amazing results.

If you feel inspired by these stories, then please check out our upcoming Summer Slimdown Challenge.

Just like Kecia, Sue and Amy you can use the challenge to really focus on your goals and get the jump start you need to finally transform your body.

And guess what?  You don’t have to do this alone.  You can get the support and encouragement you need to finally stick to a program and make it work.

So here’s the link to our next Challenge, Wild’s 28-day Summer Slimdown starting June 3rd,2017. We’d love to have you join us!

“Summer Slim Down” Challenge 2017

We’d love to have you join us.