Can Household Cleaners Make You Fat?

I wish I could say that my house was super clean.  It’s not.  Somehow, I did not get the super-cleaner gene.  It missed me.  But you do know that person who has the ultra clean, amazing house.  I envy them.  I dream of having the Martha Stewart clean and decorated kind-of-house.  But when I do clean the house, I don’t use any old house hold cleaner.  I choose either green or chemical free cleaning methods to clean my house.  Even with my desire to have the shine and polish of a lovely home, I won’t sacrifice my health.

Most commercial cleaners a full of chemicals that are toxic to the body.  Toxic meaning causing cancer, throwing off your endocrine system and overall stressing your body out!  Some of these toxic chemicals include:

Phthalates are major endocrine (hormone) disruptors that are in many fragranced household products.  Air fresheners, dish soap and even toilet paper can contain phthalates.   The law does not require that phthalates to be labeled on products.  You can inhale phthalates or absorb it through your skin, but know that these chemicals go straight to the endocrine organs to mess with your hormones.

Everything is “antibacterial” when it comes to hand-sops or liquid dish soap.  But when you see this, you need to think about triclosan which promotes the growth of antibiotic resistant bacteria.  Not only is triclosan harmful to humans it’s also damaging to the environment by killing off algae.  Triclosan is also being research as a possible hormone disruptor.

Another “antibacterial” bully is the quarternary ammonium compounds or “QUATS” that are in househould cleaners and fabric softeners.  Same as the triclosan, it also creates antibiotic resistant bacterial strains.

Another chemical that does not have to be listed, but just as toxic is 2-butoxyethanal which is found in many window and mutipurpose cleaners.  How do you know if this chemical is in the product?  It has a sweet smell.  The chemical is part of a family of chemicals called glycol ethers.  These chemicals cause kidney and liver damage when inhaled.

Ammonia is in many polishing agents and glass cleaners.  Exposure to this chemical can lead to chronic bronchitis and asthma.

Chlorine is another culprit that is in scrubbing powders, toilet bowl cleaners and another common place, household tap water.  Chlorine can cause respiratory problems and can disrupt the thyroid.  Chlorine can be absorbed through the skin as well as inhaled.

Oven cleaners and drain openers just smell toxic.  That is because of sodium hydroxide also know as lye.  Get this stuff on your skin and you’ll get a burn.  A sore throat is also a side effect after using these products.

So how do these chemicals not only make your sick, but fat?  For starters, these chemicals are just added stress to the body.  The body does not categorize stress, it just has a cumulative load of stress.  When we have high loads of stress on the body, the last thing it wants to do is shed body fat.  Why?  Because chronic states of stress resemble a famine and during famine times the body holds onto fat for long term survival.

Many of these chemicals disrupt hormone function and can actually lead the body to hold onto fat and have a slower metabolism.  These chemicals have been called obesogens and show up in cleaning products, personal care items, and even your grocery store receipts.

Some of these chemicals are thyroid disruptors, leading to the rising cases of hypothyroid.  A healthy thyroid leads to a healthy metabolism.  Also the long term chronic stress of chemicals, will tax the adrenal glands leading to a sluggish thyroid.

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