Best of 2014 Results

I am proud to announce that Wild Workouts and Wellness really shined in the polls of the A-List for WISN Best of 2014.  Wild Workouts and Wellness finished 2nd to the WAC for best personal trainers in the Milwaukee area.

That’s pretty amazing!  Wild Workouts and Wellness has 172 members and 1 location compared to the WAC that has 7 locations and hundreds of members.  So I’ll take it!

Click HERE to see the results.

I do want to take a moment to thank everyone that voted.  Thanks for taking time out of your day to show a little love to Wild Workouts and Wellness.

So here’s a few bonus facts about Wild Workouts and Wellness

1) Wild Workouts and Wellness is locally owned by a Bay View Resident.  It’s not a franchise or a box gym.  It was started by Amber Budahn, the owner, in a park.  She then moved to a small studio in the Avalon Theater Building and then finally expanded to an 1800 square foot facility.

2) The name “Wild” is not just about getting Wild and Crazy!  (Even though having fun is a big part of our workouts. ) It’s about getting back to natural nutrition and functional movements.  Wild Workouts and Wellness applies a holistic approach to their training model giving amazing and sustainable results.  It’s about building healthy bodies through nutrition and fitness so that people can live fuller lives.

3) Last year, Wild Workouts and Wellness donated over $8000.00 to local organizations and have sponsored multiple community events.  Not only is community a large part of Wild Workouts and Wellness, but also giving back to the wonderful community of Bay View.

Thank you all for believing in a small business that stands on a foundation of service and helping people.  Wild Workouts and Wellness has been in business for over 4 years and continues with a mission to change as many lives as possible through exercise and nutrition.