Baby Wearing Exercises: Sumo Squat with Heel Raise

Here’s another baby wearing exercise featured in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that is great for your upper legs, lower legs, butt and balance.  It’s called the sumo squat with a heel raise.

When you do this exercise you can wear baby on your back or in the front.  The back will be a little easier in the beginning while the front carry will challenge your balance a little more as you progress.  If you’re not sure about baby carriers or how to wear baby, a great local resource is Milwaukee Babywearers.

Another tip, if you’re a little uneasy about balance during this exercise, put a chair in front of you to help with stability.

Here’s how to do the Sumo Squat with Heel Raise while wearing baby:

Wear baby in the front or back position

Begin in a wide stance with your legs turned out and your toes pointed out.

Hold your arms straight out to the side to work on arm strength and challenge balance or place them on your hips for more stability.

Bend your knees as you lower into the squat. When squatting, feel your body weight in your heels. Make sure your bent knees are inline with you’re your second toe.

At the bottom of your squat lift your heels off the ground and hold for 3 counts.

Lower your heels back down to the ground and straighten your legs.

Sets x Reps: 3 x 10

Here’s the video so you can see how to do the exercise:

The best thing about baby wearing exercises is that you get to exercise with baby.  There a lots of wins here: you get to take care of yourself, you get to spend time with baby, and you get to set the example of health and fitness for your family!