Baby Wearing Exercise: Slow Mountain Climber

I’m back with another baby wearing exercise.  Wearing baby while you workout is just awesome.  Yes, you are doing exercises that are great for your health but you’re also having a ton of fun with baby.  Don’t believe me?  Just try it!  Your baby will laugh, make noises and get into the workout too!  They’ll have you cracking up with each repetition.  (And that right there is bonus ab work)

The baby wearing slow mountain climber can be done indoors on a chair.  But it can also be done on a park bench during a hike.  Usually mountain climbers are done fast, but today I want you to do them slow.  Doing this exercise slow will really target your abs.  Try it and feel the baby wearing workout burn!

When doing this exercise, it’s best to wear baby on your back.  Start with a higher chair and work your way down to a lower bench to increase the intensity of the exercise.  Make sure you are feeling this exercise in the front of your stomach.  If you are feeling it in your lower back, make sure your back is not swayed.  More than likely, choose a higher chair/bench to correct this.

Here’s how to do the baby wearing slow mountain climber:

Assume a push up position with hands on a chair or bench. Place hands are directly under your chest at shoulder width apart with straight arms.

Your body should form a straight line from the top of your head down to your heels.

Lift your right leg off the ground about 2 inches. Then slowing bend your knee and drive it up toward your chest.

Return your right leg back to the starting position.

Now switch to the left side.

Make sure to keep the rest of your body still as your legs move.

Sets x Reps: 3 x 16

Targets: Shoulders, stomach, back and hip flexors

Watch the video to see how to perform the Baby Wearing Slow Mountain Climber