2016 Couch to 5K Race Recap

They did it!  Our 2016 Couch to 5K team completed the Rock N Sole 5K.  This year’s group prepared for 8 weeks with Coach Carla.  I’m proud to say, everyone was ready and did a fine job on a day that did not bring easy running conditions.

Of course, here in Milwaukee, you get these random REALLY hot days.  Well that hot day just happened to come on the day of the Rock N Sole Race.   The morning started out in the lower 70’s and eventually climbed into the 90’s later in the day.

Our morning started bright and early.  All geared up in our purple Wild shirts, the team piled into cars and drove down to the race event.  As a team, we warmed up with some dynamic stretching, ran to the bathroom multiple times and made our way to the start line.

Yes, they were a bit nervous, but they had our game faces on.  It was time to test all the hard work and training and see how each one could fare in the 5K distance.

Here’s a video of the start of the race.  We started comfortably near the back, but as you can see there were still many runners behind us.

The course got a little tight in the beginning.  Runners were shoulder to shoulder moving along the course.  That really helped us hold back the first mile and save our energy for a strong finish.

The 5K route looped around Summerfest Grounds, by the Milwaukee Art Museum and ending up on the bike trail which made for a lovely run route.

Mike took the lead for Team Wild.  Mike, an avid cyclist, enjoyed the challenge of running and how that has helped improve his cycling and tackling the hills.  Mike finished his first 5K in 31:28.

Mike Couch to 5K 2016

Audra made her second Rock N Sole appearance.  She worked her run in the heat to finish in 32:21.

Audra Couch to 5K 2016

Lauren held a steady consistent pace during the run.  But when she saw that finish line, Lauren found another gear and kicked to the finish.  Lauren finished in 35:24

Lauren Couch to 5K 2016

Heidi is a veteran Couch to 5K runner.  She loves the coaching and accountability of the program.  Heidi was feeling the heat of the morning, but still ran a strong 5K.  She finished in 35:36.

Heidi Couch to 5K 2016

Julie also loves to bike, but enjoys the challenge of running.  The Couch to 5K group kept her on pace with her training to come back to the Rock N Sole Race for another great run.  Julie finished in 37:29.

Julie Couch to 5K 2016

Kathy partnered up with her friend Sue to runt he 5K distance.  With running shoes that matched her purple Wild shirt, Kathy ran 40:52 to finish her first 5K

Kathy G. Couch to 5K 2016

Sara started out the season with a bit of a calf strain.  But with the help of her coaches, she was back on track with her training.  Sara came to the start line ready to crush 3.1 miles.  And she did just that in a time of 41:43.

Sara B Couch to 5K 2016


I had the privilege of running with Molly for a bit.  She looked relaxed and in control at the end of the Rock N Sole.  She told me she put together an awesome play list and used an app that told her to run faster so she could hit her 5K goal.  Talk about being prepared…. I love it!  Molly ran the most she ever has in a 5K and finished in 48:08.

Molly Couch to 5K 2016

Unfortunately, Ricardo sprained his ankle the day before.  With hopes of shaking it off, his limp and inability to put weight on his foot dictated missing the race.  However, Ricardo was their to cheer his team on. It’s super tough to miss a race you trained for because of a last minute injury.  It was so awesome to have him there supporting the 5K crew.


Coach Carla and I are so proud of the Couch to 5K Team.  Yes, we are so proud that you finished.  But we are even more proud that you all formed a strong TEAM bond.  The outpouring of support and encouragement for each other is the magic that helps you get through the tough workouts, the hurdles and eventually gets you to the finish line.

Prerace Couch to 5K 2016

Great job!