1 Arm Rotational Bench Press

Wild Workouts and Wellness back in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel again.  This month we are showing you how to get Sexy Summer Arms!

The exercise featured this week is the Single Arm Rotational Press on a Stability Ball.    All you need is  1 dumbbell and a stability ball.  You will work your chest muscles, arm muscles, stomach muscles and buns (glute) muscles.

Check out this video with Coach Alyssa to see how to do this exercise:


This is the 1 arm rotational press breakdown:

– Lie with your shoulders on the ball.  Hold your hips high like a table.

– Hold 2 dumbbells in your hands.  Your elbows away from your body bent at 90 degree angels.

– Keeping your hips stable, press your right arm and roll onto your left shoulder.

– Return to the starting position with both shoulders on the ball.

– Repeat on the other side.

-Do 2 sets of 12 repetitions